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Teachers' Know-How: A Philosophical Investigation




Teachers' Know-How: A Philosophical Investigation

Christopher Winch

ISBN: 978-1-119-35568-7 April 2017 Wiley-Blackwell 248 Pages


Teachers’ Know-How: A Philosophical Investigation presents a comprehensive and up to date philosophical treatment of the kinds of knowledge and “know-how” that educators should possess.

  • Offers an original and in-depth study of teachers’ know-how which situates teaching within the spectrum of professions
  • Critiques the currently fashionable craft conception of teaching and the view of teaching as protocol-driven which is currently influential in policymaking circles
  • Utilizes epistemological debates on the nature of know-how to inform understanding of the work of teachers
  • Features detailed examples including some drawn from the author’s own long professional experience of a teacher in a wide range of different contexts
Preface vii

1 Introduction: Education and Teaching 1

2 Schooling and the Occupation of Teaching 21

3 Dimensions of Expertise and Their Relevance to Teaching 39

4 Towards a Typology of Occupations 59

5 The Elements of Teacher Knowledge and Know-How 77

6 Teaching as a Craft Occupation 97

7 The Teacher as Executive Technician, or the Temptations of ‘Teacher Proof’ Teaching 115

8 The Teacher as a Professional Technician 133

9 Teaching as an Occupation 151

10 Teacher Education 169

11 A Good Teacher? 187

12 Some Outstanding Issues 203

Bibliography 217

Index 227