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Teaching: Making a Difference, 3rd Edition


At the beginning of each semester in Australian universities, students entering teacher education courses are asked ‘Why do you want to teach?’ The answers vary, but the most prominent response is ‘To make a difference’.

Building on the market-leading success of the first two editions, Teaching: Making a Difference, Third edition, has been designed to launch students on their journey to become the kind of teacher who continually strives to deliver quality learning outcomes in all aspects of professional endeavour.

Making a real difference in tomorrow’s early childhood, primary and secondary classrooms is as much about understanding learning and learners as it is about understanding what makes a quality teacher and quality teaching.

The unique four-part pedagogical structure of this series consistently provides students with a compass to navigate recent changes to the Australian Curriculum and practical strategies for the meaningful use of ICTs in the classroom.

Part 1 The teaching profession

Part 2 Understanding learning and learners

Part 3 Preparation, practice and process

Part 4 Effectiveness, professionalism and the future

This edition draws together the voices and contemporary research of Australia’s pre-eminent education academics. The culmination of their knowledge, hands-on experience and insight will help pre-service teachers develop their craft and technique and provide a framework to enable them to excel as future educators.

Great teachers must maintain a broad range of skills, understandings, ideas and knowledge. They must also continually reflect on what they do and question not only their own practice, but also the ever-changing needs of their students and education at large.

Teaching: Making a Difference, Third edition, empowers students to draw on the range of skills and personal attributes they will need to deal with the day‑to‑day realities of teaching, the intangibles and the serendipitous moments.


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PART 1  The teaching profession

Chapter 1  Introducing teaching as a profession 2
                Julianne Moss

Chapter 2  Historical insights into teaching 36
                Kylie Shaw

PART 2  Understanding learning and learners

Chapter 3  Student learning 78
                Michael C Nagel

Chapter 4  Understanding and motivating students 118
                Michael C Nagel

Chapter 5  Learner diversity, pedagogy and educational equity 152
                Julianne Moss

PART 3  Preparation, practice and process

Chapter 6  The curriculum 186
                 Will Letts

Chapter 7  Planning for practice: connecting pedagogy, assessment and curriculum 212
                Sally Godinho

Chapter 8  Pedagogy: the agency that connects teaching with learning  254
                Sally Godinho

Chapter 9  Organising the learning environment 296
                Kylie Shaw

Chapter 10  Teaching with information and communication technologies 330
                  Nicola F Johnson

Chapter 11  Interactive student engagement and management 362
                  Jenny Mackay

Chapter 12 Assessment, feedback and reporting 420
                 Kaye Lowe

PART 4 Effectiveness, professionalism and the future

Chapter 13 Reflective practice 480
                 Will Letts

Chapter 14 Theorising about teaching practice  508
                  Michèle McGill

Chapter 15  Professional, ethical and legal issues for teachers 554
                  Rick Churchill & Amanda Keddie

Chapter 16 The future of teaching: schooling, equity and social change 592
                  Amanda Keddie & Rick Churchill

Glossary  621

Index  629