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The Admissible Contents of Experience




The Admissible Contents of Experience

Katherine Hawley (Editor), Fiona Macpherson (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-444-33335-0 July 2011 Wiley-Blackwell 208 Pages



Which objects and properties are represented in perceptual experience, and how are we able to determine this? The papers in this collection address these questions together with other fundamental questions about the nature of perceptual content.
  • The book draws together papers by leading international philosophers of mind, including Alex  Byrne (MIT), Alva Noë (University of California, Berkeley), Tim Bayne (St Catherine’s College, Oxford), Michael Tye (University of Texas, Austin), Richard Price (All Souls College, Oxford) and Susanna Siegel (Harvard University)
  • Essays address the central questions surrounding the content of perceptual experience
  • Investigates how are we able to determine the admissible contents of experience
  • Published in association with the journal Philosophical Quarterly
Introduction (Fiona Macpherson, University of Glasgow).

1. Perception And The Reach Of Phenomenal Content (Tim Bayne, University of Oxford).

2.  Seeing Causings And Hearing Gestures (Steven Butterfill, University of Warwick).

3. Experience And Content (Alex Byrne, Massachusetts Institute of Technology).

4. Is Perception A Propositional Attitude? (Tim Crane, University College London).

5. Conscious Reference (Alva Noë, University of California, Berkeley).

6. What Are The Contents Of Experiences? (Adam Pautz, University of Texas at Austin).

7. Aspect-Switching And Visual Phenomenal Character (Richard Price, University of Oxford).

8. The Visual Experience Of Causation (Susanna Siegel, Harvard University).

9. The Admissible Contents Of Visual Experience (Michael Tye, University  of Texas at Austin).