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The Agricultural Notebook, 20th Edition




The Agricultural Notebook, 20th Edition

Richard J. Soffe (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-632-05829-7 January 2003 Wiley-Blackwell 760 Pages

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The Twentieth Edition takes The Agricultural Notebook into its third century; it has been thoroughly revised and updated to reflect the considerable changes in agricultural and rural practices and policies which have taken place since publication of the previous edition. The book is divided into four parts: Crops, Management, Animal Production, and Farm Equipment. New sections added to this edition include: 1) A Marketing Perspective on Diversification, 2) Organic Farming, and 3) Farming and Wildlife.

Since the first edition was compiled by Primrose McConnell in 1883, The Agricultural Notebook has become established as the standard work of reference for all those in the farming industry. With each edition it has evolved and changed in such a way as to provide agricultural scientists, students of agriculture and related subjects, farmers, farm managers and land agents with an abundance of current information on all aspects of the business of farming.

Many comments received from lecturers and students who have used previous editions of the book have been taken into account in producing the twentieth edition. The thirty contributing authors have fully updated chapters, a new clearer layout has been adopted and much new information is included in easy-to-use tables and figures.

The Agricultural Notebook is an essential purchase for all students of agriculture, countryside, and rural studies. Professionals such as farmers, land agents, agricultural scientists, advisers, suppliers to the agriculture industry and all those with a connection and interest in the agricultural community will find a huge wealth of information within the book’s covers. All libraries within universities, colleges and research establishments where agricultural and rural sciences are studied and taught should have multiple copies of this important new edition on their shelves.

Preface to the 20th Edition.

Promise McConnell: a brief biographical Sketch.



1. Soil Management and crop nutrition.

2. Crop Physiology.

3. Arable Cropping.

4. Grassland.

5. Farm woodland Management.

6. Crop Health – Responding to Weeds, Diseases and Pests.

7. Grain preservation and storage.


8. The Common Agricultural Policy of the European Union.

9. A Marketing Perspective on diversification.

10. Farming and wildlife.

11. Organic Farming.

12. Farm business Management.

13. Farm Staff Management.

14. Agricultural Law.

15. Health and Safety in agriculture.


16. Animal Physiology and nutrition.

17. Animal Welfare.

18. Applied animal nutrition.

19. Cattle.

20. Sheep and Goats.

21. Pig Meat Production.

22. Poultry.

23. Animal Health.


24. Farm Machinery.

25. Farm Buildings.


* new edition of the standard work of reference for the farming industry
* updated and thoroughly revised
* includes new chapters on Agricultural Policy, Organic Farming and Marketing