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The Chemistry of Organozinc Compounds: R-Zn, 2 Part Set

The Chemistry of Organozinc Compounds: R-Zn, 2 Part Set

Zvi Rappoport (Editor), Ilan Marek (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-470-09337-5 October 2006 1140 Pages


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The Patai Series publishes comprehensive reviews on all aspects of specific functional groups. Each volume contains outstanding surveys on theoretical and computational aspects, NMR, MS, other spectroscopic methods and analytical chemistry, structural aspects, thermochemistry, photochemistry, synthetic approaches and strategies, synthetic uses and applications in chemical and pharmaceutical industries, biological, biochemical and environmental aspects.

To date, over 110 volumes have been published in the series.

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The Patai Series is available in electronic format on Wiley InterScience. All new titles will be published as online books and a growing list of older titles will be added every year. It is the ultimate goal that all titles published in the Patai Series will be available in electronic format.

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1 The reaction mechanisms of zinc enzymes (Gudrun Schürer, Timothy Clark and Rudi van Eldik).

2 Structural organozinc chemistry (Johann T. B. H. Jastrzebski, Jaap Boersma and Gerard van Koten).

3 Thermochemistry of organozinc compounds (Joel F. Liebman and Suzanne W. Slayden).

4 67Zn NMR, a tool for coordination chemistry problems (Athanassios G. Coutsolelos and Georgios A. Spyroulias).

5 Mass spectrometry of organozinc compounds (Sergiu P. Palii and Dmitri V. Zagorevskii).

6 Dynamic behavior of organozinc compounds (Albert Guijarro).

7 Cyclopropanation mediated by zinc organometallics (André B. Charette).

8 Functionalized organozinc compounds (Paul Knochel, Helena Leuser, Liu-Zhu Gong, Sylvie Perrone and Florian F. Kneisel).

9 Photochemical transformations involving zinc porphyrins and phthalocyanines (Mathias O. Senge and Natalia N. Sergeeva).

10 Synthesis and reactions of allenylzinc reagents (James A. Marshall).

11 Palladium- or nickel-catalyzed cross-coupling reactions with organozincs and related organometals (Ei-ichi Negishi, Qian Hu, Zhihong Huang, Guangwei Wang and Ning Yin).

12 Enantioselective addition of organozinc compounds (Kenso Soai, Tsuneomi Kawasaki and Itaru Sato).

13 Rearrangements of organozinc compounds (Varinder K. Aggarwal and Knut Sommer).

14 1,1-Bismetallated species (Seijiro Matsubara).

15 The chemistry of organozincate compounds (Toshiro Harada).

16 Fluorinated organozinc reagents (Charles R. Davis and Donald J. Burton).

17 Electrochemical generation and reaction of zinc reagents (Jacques Périchon, Corinne Gosmini and Olivier Buriez).

18 The chemistry of zinc enolates (Marco Lombardo and Claudio Trombini).

19 Carbozincation of alkenes and alkynes (Edwige Lorthiois and Christophe Meyer).

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