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The Encyclopedia of Political Thought




The Encyclopedia of Political Thought


The Encyclopedia of Political Thought is the most comprehensive and rigorous treatment of significant political thinkers, political theories, concepts, ideas, and schools of thought.

  • Comprises over 900 A-Z entries, including brief definitions, biographies, and major topics, written by a team of 700 contributors from around the world
  • Explores key theories and theorists, including non-western perspectives, in tracing the evolution of political thought from antiquity to the present day
  • Published in association with The Foundations of Political Theory, an organized section of the American Political Science Association

 8 Volumes

Volume I

About the Editors vii

Editorial Board ix

Review Board x

List of Contributors xii

Lexicon xxxvii

Alphabetical List of Entries lviii

Introduction lxviii

Political Thought A–Chr 1

Volume II

Political Thought Chr–D 479

Volume III

Political Thought E–Gua 991

Volume IV

Political Thought Gui–Len 1549

Volume V

Political Thought Lev–O 2107

Volume VI

Political Thought P–Rec 2633

Volume VII

Political Thought Rec–Thu 3173

Volume VIII

Political Thought Tim–Z 3699

Name Index 3943

Subject Index 4007

“If you have it, well worth spending the money.”  (Reference Reviews, 1 September 2015)

“Highly recommended. Undergraduate students through researchers/faculty; general readers.”  (Choice, 1 July 2015)