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The Handbook of Language, Gender, and Sexuality, 2nd Edition




The Handbook of Language, Gender, and Sexuality, 2nd Edition

Susan Ehrlich (Editor), Miriam Meyerhoff (Editor), Janet Holmes (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-470-65642-6 May 2014 Wiley-Blackwell 688 Pages

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Significantly expanded and updated, the second edition of The Handbook of Language, Gender and Sexuality brings together a team of the leading specialists in the field to create a comprehensive overview of key historical themes and issues, along with methodologies and cutting-edge research topics.

  • Examines the dynamic ways that women and men develop and manage gendered identities through their talk, presenting data and case studies from interactions in a range of social contexts and different communities
  • Substantially updated for the second edition, including a new introduction, 24 newly-commissioned chapters, ten updated chapters, and a comprehensive index
  • Includes new chapters on research in non-English speaking countries – from Asia to South America – and cutting-edge topics such as language, gender, and popular culture; language and sexual identities; and language, gender, and socio-phonetics
  • New sections focus on key themes and issues in the field, such as methodological approaches to language and gender, incorporating new chapters on conversation analysis, critical discourse analysis, corpus linguistics, and variation theory
  • Provides unrivalled geographic coverage and an essential resource for a wide range of disciplines, from linguistics, psychology, sociology, and anthropology to communication and gender studies

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Notes on Contributors xv

Acknowledgments xxi

Introduction: Language, Gender, and Sexuality 1
Susan Ehrlich and Miriam Meyerhoff

Part I Theory and History 21

1 The Feminist Foundations of Language, Gender, and Sexuality Research 23
Mary Bucholtz

2 Theorizing Gender in Sociolinguistics and Linguistic Anthropology: Toward Effective Interventions in Gender Inequity 48
Bonnie McElhinny

3 Language and Desire 68
Don Kulick

Part II Methods 85

4 Variation and Gender 87
Miriam Meyerhoff

5 Sociophonetics, Gender, and Sexuality 103
Robert J. Podesva and Sakiko Kajino

6 Ethnographic Methods for Language and Gender Research 123
Niko Besnier and Susan U. Philips

7 Conversation Analysis in Language and Gender Studies 141
Sue Wilkinson and Celia Kitzinger

8 Gender and Categorial Systematics 161
Elizabeth Stokoe and Frederick Attenborough

9 Feminist Critical Discourse Analysis: Relevance for Current Gender and Language Research 180
Michelle M. Lazar

Part III Identities 201

10 Language and Sexual Identities 203
Robin Queen

11 Exceptional Speakers: Contested and Problematized Gender Identities 220
Kira Hall

12 Language and Masculinity 240
Bethan Benwell

13 Queering Masculinities 260
Tommaso M. Milani

Part IV Ideologies 279

14 Gender and Language Ideologies 281
Deborah Cameron

15 The Power of Gender Ideologies In Discourse 297
Susan U. Philips

16 Meaning-Making and Ideologies of Gender and Sexuality 316
Sally McConnell-Ginet

17 A Marked Man: The Contexts of Gender and Ethnicity 335
Sara Trechter

Part V Global and Cross-Cultural Perspectives 353

18 Language and Gender Research in Poland: An Overview 355
Agnieszka Kie³kiewicz-Janowiak and Joanna Pawelczyk

19 Historical Discourse Approach to Japanese Women’s Language: Ideology, Indexicality, and Metalanguage 378
Momoko Nakamura

20 Language and Gender in the Middle East and North Africa 396
Enam Al-Wer

21 Language and Gender Research in Brazil: An Overview 412
Ana Cristina Ostermann and Luiz Paulo Moita-Lopes

Part VI Domains and Institutions 431

22 Language and Gender in the Workplace 433
Janet Holmes

23 Language, Gender, and Sexual Violence: Legal Perspectives 452
Susan Ehrlich

24 Language and Gender in Educational Contexts 471
Julia Menard-Warwick, Miki Mori, and Serena Williams

25 Gender and Family Interaction 491
Deborah Tannen

26 Language and Gender in Peer Interactions among Children and Youth 509
Marjorie Harness Goodwin and Amy Kyratzis

27 Language and Gender in Adolescence 529
Penelope Eckert

Part VII Engagement and Application 547

28 Gender, Endangered Languages, and Revitalization 549
Barbra A. Meek

29 Gender and (A)nonymity in Computer-Mediated Communication 567
Susan C. Herring and Sharon Stoerger

30 “One Man in Two is a Woman”: Linguistic Approaches to Gender in Literary Texts 587
Anna Livia

31 Language, Gender, and Popular Culture 604
Mary Talbot

32 The Public View of Language and Gender: Still Wrong After All These Years 625
Alice F. Freed

Index 647

“The second edition should certainly enhance the handbook’s reputation as an invaluable teaching and learning resource.”  (.Journal of Sociolinguistics, 22 July 2015)