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The Handbook of Scholarly Writing and Publishing




The Handbook of Scholarly Writing and Publishing

Tonette S. Rocco, Timothy Gary Hatcher, John W. Creswell (Foreword by)

ISBN: 978-0-470-39335-2 April 2011 Jossey-Bass 368 Pages


The Handbook of Scholarly Writing and Publishing is a groundbreaking resource that offers emerging and experienced scholars from all disciplines a comprehensive review of the essential elements needed to craft scholarly papers and other writing suitable for submission to academic journals. The authors discuss the components of different types of manuscripts, explain the submission process, and offer readers suggestions for working with editors and coauthors, dealing with rejection, and rewriting and resubmitting their work. They include advice for developing quality writing skills, outline the fundamentals of a good review, and offer guidance for becoming an excellent manuscript reviewer.

"One of those rare books that will teach you something new every time you pick it up. It belongs on the desks of emerging scholars and writing professors everywhere."—Nancy L. Zimpher, chancellor, The State University of New York

"Rocco and Hatcher have done every scholar, doctoral student, and committee chair a huge favor by putting this book together. Now in one place we can find resources to help graduate students and scholars get over their writing blocks and fear of writing, and learn how to write successfully."—Alan L. Carsrud, Loretta Rogers Chair of Entrepreneurship Research, Ryerson University, and associate editor, Journal of Small Business Management

"This handbook performs a valuable service by collecting the wisdom of scholars from different disciplines and countries and offering publishing guidance that is both rigorous and systematic. Everyone who writes for scholarly publication will benefit from the insights provided by this book."—Tom Radko, editor, Journal of Scholarly Publishing

Foreword xi
John W. Creswell

Preface xiii

About the Editors xvii

About the Authors xix


1 Reasons to Write, Writing Opportunities, and Other Considerations 3
Tonette S. Rocco

2 Publishing in Peer-Reviewed and Nonrefereed Journals: Processes, Strategies, and Tips 13
Gary J. Skolits, Ralph G. Brockett, Roger Hiemstra

3 Learning to Write: Wisdom from Emerging Scholars 26
Claire Kostopulos Nackoney, Sunny L. Munn, Jesus Fernandez

4 Scholarly Reading as a Model for Scholarly Writing 44
Mike Wallace, Alison Wray

5 Working with Tensions: Writing for Publication During Your Doctorate 62
Alison Lee, Claire Aitchison

6 The Process of Transforming the Dissertation or Thesis into Publication 75
Anthony H. Normore


7 Writing with Authority: Pitfalls and Pit Stops 91
Erwin H. Epstein

8 Finding Voice: Appreciating Audience 102
Monica Lee

9 Creating a Whole from the Parts: Qualities of Good Writing 115
Andrea D. Ellinger, Baiyin Yang

10 Developing a Research Problem and Purpose Statement 125
Ronald L. Jacobs


11 Writing a Literature Review 145
Susan Imel

12 Increasing the Odds of Publishing a Qualitative Manuscript 161
Tonette S. Rocco, Maria S. Plakhotnik

13 Increasing the Likelihood of Publishing Quantitative Manuscripts 179
Isadore Newman, Carole Newman

14 Writing Research Articles Using Mixed Methods: Methodological Considerations to Help You Get Published 191
Isadore Newman, David Newman, Carole Newman

15 Writing Theory, Conceptual, and Position Articles for Publication 209
Gary N. McLean

16 Creating and Publishing Nonrefereed Manuscripts: How to Write Editorials and Book Reviews 222
Tim Hatcher, Kimberly S. McDonald


17 Why Writers Should Also Be Reviewers 239
Robert Donmoyer

18 Addressing Feedback from Reviewers and Editors 251
Stephen D. Brookfield

19 International and Cross-Cultural Issues in Scholarly Publishing 262
AAhad M. Osman-Gani, Rob F. Poell

20 Working with Coauthors 274
Ann I. Nevin, Jacqueline S. Thousand, Richard A. Villa

21 Writing as Mentoring 293
Bradley C. Courtenay, Ronald M. Cervero, John M. Dirkx

Resources: Further Reading for Scholarly Writing 311
Maria S. Plakhotnik, M. Brad Shuck

Index 325