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The Handbook of Technology Management, Volume 2, Supply Chain Management, Marketing and Advertising, and Global Management

The Handbook of Technology Management, Volume 2, Supply Chain Management, Marketing and Advertising, and Global Management

ISBN: 978-0-470-24948-2

Jan 2010

931 pages

Select type: Hardcover

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The Handbook of Technology Management is a comprehensive handbook series on technology management with coverage of the core topics including:
  • Reference material for students, educators and practitioners in the management, business, engineering, computer science, and MIS fields,
  • Resource guides material for libraries (academic, industry, and government),
  • Individual volumes for professionals (general managers, inventory managers, marketing managers, engineers, project engineers, systems analysts, and database administrators),
  • Individual reference volumes for upper division and graduate courses in Technology Management, Innovation Management, Technology Marketing, Engineering Management, Industrial Management, International Management, Supply Chain Management, Operations and Manufacturing Management, E-business and E-commerce Technologies and senior seminars in Information Systems and Management of Technology.

Each volume incorporates state of the art core information and technology management topics, practical applications and coverage of the emerging issues in Technology and Innovation Management fields.



Guide to the Handbook of Technology Management.

Reviewers List.


Volume 2: Supply Chain Management, Marketing and Advertising, and Global Management.

Part 1: Supply Chain Management.

Value Chain Analysis (Keivan Zokaei).

Supply Chain Management (Gerard J. Burke and Asoo J. Vakharia).

Developing and Maintaining Supply Chain Relationships (Nick Rich and Matthias Holweg).

Managing the Flow of Information and Materials across the Supply Chain (Matthias Holweg and Nick Rich).

Electronic Procurement (Zinovy Radovilsky).

Global Logistics and International Supply Chain Management (Charles McMillan).

Internet-Enabled Supply Chains (Quan Z. Sheng, Jhon P. T. Mo and Li Jiang).

Customer Service in Supply Chain Management (Suman Mallik).

Supply Chain Strategies (Britta Gammelgaard).

Manufacturing in the Supply Chain (Ramakrishna Govindu, Ratna Babu Chinnam and Alper Murat).

Transportation and Logistics in Supply Chains (Gerard de Jong and Moshe Ben-Akiva).

Distribution and Warehousing in Supply Chains (Hongyan Li and Joern Meissner).

Site Selection in the Supply Chain (Yongjiang Shi and Chaipong Pongpanich).

Metrics for Measuring Supply Chain Performance (Heimo Losbichler and Farzad Mahmoodi).

Supply Chain Management Technologies (David Simchi-Levi and Edith Simchi-Levi).

RFID: Technical Considerations (Stephen A. Weis).

RFID: Managerial Considerations (Adam Melski and Matthias Schumann).

Smart Cards (Konstantinos Markantonakis, Keith Mayes, Damien Sauveron and Michael Tunstall).

The Promise of the Real-Time Supply Chain (Elif Kongar and Surendra M. Gupta).

Part 2: Marketing and Advertising.

Consumer Behavior in the Realm of Technology (Tripat Gill and Gad Saad).

Consumer Marketing of High-Technology Products (Yeqing Bao, David Berkowitz and Brent M. Wren).

The Role of Storytelling in Designing User Experience: The Underpinnings of Brand1 (Sara L. Beckman and Michael Barry).

Business-to-Business Marketing (Ralph Oliva).

Making Sense of Collaboration, Web 2.0, and Virtual Worlds in the Enterprise (Cindy Gordon).

Marketing Strategy Analysis (Yoram "Jerry" Wind).

Marketing Research (Peter Lenk).

Online Pricing Strategies: Insights and Challenges (Xin Wang).

Marketing Services (Donna J. Hill).

Organizing the Sales Force (Felicia G. Lassk and Jay Prakash Mulki).

Technology Marketing (Jakki J. Mohr, Stanley F. Slater and Sanjit Sengupta).

Marketing Plans for an E-Commerce Project (Malu Roldan).

Marketing Communication Strategies (Judy Strauss).

Relationship Marketing and CRM (Paurav Shukla).

Personalization Technologies (Roland T. Rust, Ke Na, Michel Wedel and Tuck Siong Chung).

Wireless Marketing (Pamela M. H. Kwok).

Online Public Relations (Kirk Hallahan).

The Globalization of Marketing (Masaaki Kotabe).

Global Marketing Research (C. Samuel Craig and Susan P. Douglas).

Data Mining (Gary M. Weiss and Brian D. Davison).

Data Warehouse Systems (David L. Olson and Sang-Heui Lee).

Online Analytical Processing (Joseph Morabito and Edward A. Stohr).

Part 3: Global Management.

Global Diffusion of the Internet (Nir Kshetri, Nikhilesh Dholakia and Ruby Roy Dholakia).

Global Issues of the Internet (William R. Gillis and Colleen Taugher).

Global Business Drivers (Cynthia A. Kroll).

The Global Workforce (Jody Spiro).

The Global Manager (Douglas Allen).

Globalization and Information Management Strategy: Cross-Cultural Perspectives (Maris G. Martinson and Robert M. Davison).

Global Information Systems (Rosann Webb Collins).

Outsourcing and Offshoring in a Globalizing World: A Review of Trends and Perspectives (Ashok Bardhan).

Globalization and Corporate Partnering (Jonathan Doh, Kevin D. Clark and Patrick G. Maggitti).

Governance for Technology Sourcing in the Global Context (Anju Seth and Mahka Moeen).

Designing and Forming Global Teams (Gloria Barczak).

Performance Management in Distributed and Global Product Development Processes (Nitin R. Joglekar, Stephen R. Rosenthal and Paulo J. Gomes).

Global Account Management (Noel Capon).

International Accounting and the Global Economy (Robert K. Larson and Sara York Kenny).

International Technology Management and National Culture (Kathryn Aten and Luciara Nardon).

Asian Culture and Management (Professor Christopher Selvarajah).

The Globalization of Asian Firms (Li Xue Cunningham, Chris Rowley and Irene Hon-fun Poon).

Strategic Management in the Asia Pacific (Usha C. V. Haley).

Human Resource Management in Asia (Ying Zhu, Chris Rowley and Malcolm Warner).

Cultural Intelligence and the Global Information Technology Workforce (Christine Koh, Damien Joseph and Soon Ang).

Technology and Educational Challenges in a Globalizing World—A Case Study of India (Rafiq Dossani and Murali Patibandla).