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The Heythrop Journal

The Heythrop Journal

Edited By:Patrick Madigan

Vol 58(6 Issues in 2017 ) Print ISSN: 0018-1196 Online ISSN: 1468-2265


Founded on the conviction that the disciplines of theology and philosophy have much to gain from their mutual interaction, The Heythrop Journal provides a medium of publication for scholars in each of these fields and encourages interdisciplinary comment and debate.

The Heythrop Journal embraces all the disciplines which contribute to theological and philosophical research, notably hermeneutics, exegesis, linguistics, history, religious studies, philosophy of religion, sociology, psychology, ethics and pastoral theology.

The Heythrop Journal is invaluable for scholars, teachers, students and general readers.

Each issue contains at least four substantial articles catering for a wide range of interests, with 'Notes and Comments' on issues raised by contemporary literature.

The Book Review section, a major feature of The Heythrop Journal, provides a widely-acclaimed service to authors, researchers, students, general readers, librarians and publishers.

In each volume, there is a year-end index. A complete index for the first twenty-five years was published as a supplement in 1984 and a ten-year index was published in 1995.

The Heythrop Journal was founded by Dr Bruno Brinkman. It is sponsored by the Heythrop College, University of London.