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The IT Value Stack: A Boardroom Guide to IT Leadership




The IT Value Stack: A Boardroom Guide to IT Leadership

Ade McCormack

ISBN: 978-0-470-01853-8 November 2007 318 Pages


Value-driven IT focuses on how organisations can get the best value from their IT Investment. A program that involves the board and the business, the book also provides guidance and tools to carry out the exercise.
Introduction: What’s IT All About?

Chapter 1. Do you have a Problem?

The IT Industry has a Poor Delivery Record.

Users are Generally Suspicious of IT People.

IT is Unmeasurable.

IT Problems are the Fault of the IT Department.

The IT Industry Suffers from Low Self-esteem.

Many Businesses do not Know what Business they are in.

Other Problems.

So what hope is there?

Chapter 2. Introducing the IT Value Stack.



IT Value Stack Overview.

People Matter.

Book Structure.

Chapter 3. Strategy Entwinement.

The Need for Strategy Entwinement.

Strategy Entwinement – Why it Doesn’t Happen.

Towards Strategy Entwinement.

Strategy Entwinement – External Perspectives.

Chapter 4. Process Entwinement.

The Need for Process Entwinement.

Process Entwinement – Why it Doesn’t Happen.

Towards Better Process Entwinement.

Process Entwinement – External Perspectives.

Chapter 5. People Entwinement.

The Need for People Entwinement.

People Entwinement – Why it Doesn't Happen.

Towards People Entwinement.

People Entwinement – External Perspectives.

Chapter 6. Technology Management.

The Need for Technology Management.

Technology Management – Why it Doesn.t Happen.

Towards Technology Management.

Technology Management – External Perspectives.

Chapter 7. Service Management.

The Need for Service Management.

Service Management – Why it Doesn’t Happen.

Towards Service Management.

Service Management – External Perspectives.

Chapter 8. Circulation Management.

The Need for Circulation Management.

Circulation Management – Why it Doesn't Happen.

Towards Circulation Management.

Circulation Management – External Perspectives.

Chapter 9. Value Management.

The Need for Value Management.

Value Management – Why it Doesn't Happen.

Towards Value Management.

Value Management – External Perspectives.

Chapter 10. IT Value and You – The Top 10.

1 Consider IT impact of every business decision.

2 Consider business aspect of every IT decision.

3 Become IT-conversant.

4 Create an IT-centric culture.

5 Treat the IT department like a business.

6 Unclog the arteries.

7 Defi ne and measure IT value.

8 Tame the suppliers.

9 Strengthen the value chain.

10 Become an IT leader.


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“…does a great job describing the issues of value generation within IT the way it is structured today.” (Financial Times, Wednesday 5th March 2008)