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The International Handbooks of Museum Studies, 4 Volume Set




The International Handbooks of Museum Studies, 4 Volume Set

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The International Handbooks of Museum Studies bring together original essays by a global team of experts to provide a state-of-the-art survey of the field of museum studies.

  • Offers unprecedented depth of coverage and breadth of scholarship in this interdisciplinary field
  • Accessibly structured into four thematic volumes exploring all aspects of museum theory, practice, controversies, and the impact of new technologies
  • Includes a treasure trove of examples and original case studies
  • Features original essays by an international team, including leading academics and practitioners, as well as up-and-coming names in the field
  • Provides an indispensable resource for the study of the development, roles, and significance of museums in contemporary society

    4 Volumes


List of Illustrations ix

About the Editors xiii

Notes on Contributors xv

Acknowledgments xvii

Preface xix

Museum Theory: An Expanded Field xxvii
Kylie Message and Andrea Witcomb

Part I Thinking about Museums 1

1. Thinking (with) Museums: From Exhibitionary Complex to Governmental Assemblage 3
Tony Bennett

2. Foucault and the Museum 21
Kevin Hetherington

3. What, or Where, Is the (Museum) Object?: Colonial Encounters in Displayed Worlds of Things 41
Sandra H. Dudley

4. Anarchical Artifacts: Museums as Sites for Radical Otherness 63
Janice Baker

5. (Post-) Cartographic Urges: The Intersection of Museums and Tourism 79
Russell Staiff

6. Museums, Human Rights, and Universalism Reconsidered 93
Jennifer Barrett

7. The Democratic Horizons of the Museum: Citizenship and Culture 117
Peter Dahlgren and Joke Hermes

8. Museums, Ecology, Citizenship 139
Toby Miller

Part II Disciplines and Politics 157

9. Reflexive Museology: Lost and Found 159
Shelley Ruth Butler

10. The Art of Anthropology: Questioning Contemporary Art in Ethnographic Display 183
Haidy Geismar

11. Change and Continuity: Art Museums and the Reproduction of Art-Museumness 211
Ien Ang

12. Cool Art on Display: The Saatchi Phenomenon 233
Jim McGuigan

13. Contentious Politics and Museums as Contact Zones 253
Kylie Message

14. Emotions in the History Museum 283
Sheila Watson

15. The Presence of the Past: Imagination and Affect in the Museu do Oriente, Portugal 303
Elsa Peralta

16. Toward a Pedagogy of Feeling: Understanding How Museums Create a Space for Cross-Cultural Encounters 321
Andrea Witcomb

17. The Liquid Museum: New Institutional Ontologies for a Complex, Uncertain World 345
Fiona Cameron

Part III Theory from Practice/Practicing Theory 363

18. The Displaced Local: Multiple Agency in the Building of Museums Ethnographic Collections 365
Howard Morphy

19. The World as Collected; or, Museum Collections as Situated Materialities 389
Fredrik Svanberg

20. Ambient Aesthetics: Altered Subjectivities in the New Museum 417
Natalia Radywyl, Amelia Barikin, Nikos Papastergiadis and Scott McQuire

21. Museum Encounters and Narrative Engagements 437
Philipp Schorch

22. Theorizing Museum and Heritage Visiting 459
Laurajane Smith

23. The Museum in Hiding: Framing Conflict 485
Amelia Barikin, Lyndell Brown and Charles Green

24. Preserving/Shaping/Creating: Museums and Public Memory in a Time of Loss 511
James B. Gardner

25. Sites of Trauma: Contemporary Collecting and Natural Disaster 531
Liza Dale-Hallett, Rebecca Carland and Peg Fraser


List of Illustrations ix

Volume Editors xiii

General Editors xv

Contributors xvii

Acknowledgements xix

The International Handbooks of Museum Studies - Preface and Acknowledgments xxi

Contents of the International Handbooks xxix

Introduction: Grounding Museum Studies: Introducing Practice xxxvii
Conal McCarthy

Part I Priorities 1

1. The Essence of the Museum: Mission, Values, Vision 3
David Fleming

2. Governance: Guiding the Museum in Trust 27
Barry Lord and Rina Zigler

3. Policies, Frameworks, and Legislation: The Conditions Under Which English Museums Operate 43
Sara Selwood and Stuart Davies

4. Reconceptualizing Museum Ethics for the Twenty-First Century: A View from the Field 69
Janet Marstine, Jocelyn Dodd and Ceri Jones

5. Museum Measurement: Questions of Value 97
Carol A. Scott

6. Developing Audiences for the Twenty-First Century Museum 123
Graham Black

Part II Resources 153

7. Balancing Mission and Money: Issues in Museum Economics 155
Ted Silberberg and Gail Dexter Lord

8. Tate and BP – Oil and Gas as the New Tobacco?: Arts Sponsorship, Branding, and Marketing 179
Derrick Chong

9. From Idiosyncratic to Integrated: Strategic Planning for Collections 203
Jim Gardner

10. Collection Care and Management: History, Theory, and Practice 221
John E. Simmons

11. The Future of Collecting in "Disciplinary" Museums: Interpretive, Thematic, Relational 249
Nick Merriman

12. Managing Collections or Managing Content?: The Evolution of Museum Collections Management Systems 267
Malcolm Chapman

13. Conservation Theory and Practice: Materials, Values, and People in Heritage Conservation 293
Dean Sully

Part III Processes 315

14. From Caring to Creating: Curators Change Their Spots 317
Ken Arnold

15. The Pendulum Swing: Curatorial Theory Past and Present 341
Halona Norton-Westbrook

16. Planning for Success: Project Management for Museum Exhibitions 357
David K. Dean

17. Museum Exhibition Tradecraft: Not an Art, but an Art to It 379
Dan Spock

18. Museum Exhibition Practice: Recent Developments in Europe, Canada, and Australia 403
Linda Young, with Anne Whitelaw and Rosmarie Beier-de Haan

19. A Critique of Museum Restitution and Repatriation Practices 431
Piotr Bienkowski

20. Rewards and Frustrations: Repatriation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Ancestral Remains by the National Museum of Australia 455
Michael Pickering

Part IV Publics 479

21. The "Active Museum": How Concern with Community Transformed the Museum 481
Elizabeth Crooke

22. Visitor Studies: Toward a Culture of Reflective Practice and Critical Museology for the Visitor-Centered Museum 503
Lee Davidson

23. Translating Museum Meanings: A Case for Interpretation 529
Kerry Jimson

24. Learning, Education, and Public Programs in Museums and Galleries 551
John Reeve and Vicky Woollard

25. Reviewing the Digital Heritage Landscape: The Intersection of Digital Media and Museum Practice 577
Shannon Wellington and Gillian Oliver

Afterword: The Continuing Struggle for Diversity and Equality 599
Eithne Nightingale

Museum Practice and Mediation: An Afterword 613
Anthony Alan Shelton



List of Illustrations ix

About the Editors xiii

Notes on Contributors xv

Acknowledgments xvii

Preface xix

Museum Media: An Introduction xxvii
Michelle Henning

Part I The Museum as Medium 1

1 Museums and Media Archaeology: An Interview with Wolfgang Ernst 3
Michelle Henning

2 Media Archaeology of/in the Museum 23
Andrew Hoskins and Amy Holdsworth

3 Museums and the Challenge of Transmediation: The Case of Bristol's Wildwalk 43
Nils Lindahl Elliot

4 Mediatized Memory: Video Testimonies in Museums 69
Steffi de Jong

5 Visible and Invisible Institutions: Cinema in the French Art Museum 95
Jenny Chamarette

6 The Museum as TV Producer: Televisual Form in Curating, Commissioning, and Public Programming 121
Maeve Connolly

7 SimKnowledge: What Museums Can Learn from Video Games 145
Seth Giddings

Part II Mediation and Immersion 165

8 The Life of Things 167
Ivan Gaskell

9 Lighting Practices in Art Galleries and Exhibition Spaces, 1750–1850 191
Alice Barnaby

10 There's Something in the Air: Sound in the Museum 215
Rupert Cox

11 Aesthetics and Atmosphere in Museums: A Critical Marketing Perspective 235
Brigitte Biehl-Missal and Dirk vom Lehn

12 Museums, Interactivity, and the Tasks of "Exhibition Anthropology" 259
Erkki Huhtamo

13 Keeping Objects Live 279
Fiona Candlin

Part III Design and Curating in the Media Age 303

14 Total Media 305
Peter Higgins

15 From Object to Environment: The Recent History of Exhibitions in Germany and Austria 327
Bettina Habsburg-Lothringen and Translated by Mark Miscovich

16 Museums as Spaces of the Present: The Case for Social Scenography 349
Beat Hachler Translated by Niall Hoskin

17 (Dis)playing the Museum: Artifacts, Visitors, Embodiment, and Mediality 371
Karin Harrasser

18 Transforming the Natural History Museum in London: Isotype and the New Exhibition Scheme 389
Sue Perks

19 Embodiment and Place Experience in Heritage Technology Design 419
Luigina Ciolfi

Part IV Extending the Museum 447

20 Open and Closed Systems: New Media Art in Museums and Galleries 449
Beryl Graham

21 Diffused Museums: Networked, Augmented, and Self-Organized Collections 473
John Bell and Jon Ippolito

22 Mobile in Museums: From Interpretation to Conversation 499
Nancy Proctor

23 Moving Out: Museums, Mobility, and Urban Spaces 527
Mark W. Rectanus

24 Beyond the Glass Case: Museums as Playgrounds for Replication 553
Petra Tjitske Kalshoven

25 With and Without Walls: Photographic Reproduction and the Art Museum 577
Michelle Henning

26 The Elastic Museum: Cinema Within and Beyond 603
Haidee Wasson



About the Editors ix

Contributors xi

Preface xiii

Introduction: Museums in Transformation: Dynamics of Democratization and Decolonization xxi
Annie E. Coombes and Ruth B. Phillips

Part I Difficult Histories 1

1. The Holocaust Memorial in Berlin and Its Information Center: Concepts, Controversies, Reactions 3
Sibylle Quack

2. Ghosts of Future Nations, or The Uses of the Holocaust Museum Paradigm in India 29
Kavita Singh

3. The International Difficult Histories Boom, the Democratization of History, and the National Museum of Australia 61
Bain Attwood

4. Where Are the Children? and "We Were So Far Away …": Exhibiting the Legacies of Residential Schools, Healing, and Reconciliation 85
Jonathan Dewar

5. Recirculating Images of the "Terrorist" in Postcolonial Museums: The Case of the National Museum of Struggle in Nicosia, Cyprus 113
Gabriel Koureas

6. Reactivating the Colonial Collection: Exhibition-Making as Creative Process at the Tropenmuseum, Amsterdam 133
Mary Bouquet

7. "Congo As It Is?": Curatorial Reflections on Using Spatial Urban History in the Memory of Congo: The Colonial Era Exhibition 157
Johan Lagae

8. Between the Archive and the Monument: Memory Museums in Postdictatorship Argentina and Chile 181
Jens Andermann

9. The Gender of Memory in Postapartheid South Africa: The Women's Jail as Heritage Site 207
Annie E. Coombes

Part II Social Agency and the Museum 227

10. An Ethnography of Repatriation: Engagements with Erromango, Vanuatu 229
Lissant Bolton

11. Of Heritage and Hesitation: Reflections on the Melanesian Art Project at the British Museum 249
Nicholas Thomas

12. The Blackfoot Shirts Project:"Our Ancestors Have Come to Visit" 263
Alison K. Brown and Laura Peers

13."Get to Know Your World": An Interview with Jim Enote, Director of the A:shiwi A:wan Museum and Heritage Center in Zuni, New Mexico 289
Gwyneira Isaac

14. The Paro Manene Project: Exhibiting and Researching Photographic Histories in Western Kenya 311
Christopher Morton and Gilbert Oteyo

15. Reanimating Cultural Heritage: Digital Curatorship, Knowledge Networks, and Social Transformation in Sierra Leone 337
Paul Basu

16. On Not Looking: Economies of Visuality in Digital Museums 365
Kimberly Christen Withey

17. Preserving the Physical Object in Changing Cultural Contexts 387
Miriam Clavir

Part III Museum Experiments 413

18. The Last Frontier: Migratory Culture, Video, and Exhibiting without Voyeurism 415
Mieke Bal

19. Public Art/Private Lives: The Making of Hotel Yeoville 439
Tegan Bristow, Terry Kurgan and Alexander Opper

20. Museums, Women, and the Web 471
Reesa Greenberg

21. Möbius Museology: Curating and Critiquing the Multiversity Galleries at the University of British Columbia Museum of Anthropology 489
Jennifer Kramer

22. When You Were Mine: (Re)Telling History at the National Museum of the American Indian 511
Paul Chaat Smith

23. Against the Edifice Complex: Vivan Sundaram's History Project and the Colonial Museum in India 527
Saloni Mathur

24. Can National Museums be Postcolonial?: The Canadian Museum for Human Rights and the Obligation of Redress to First Nations 545
Ruth B. Phillips