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The Life of the British Home: An Architectural History




The Life of the British Home: An Architectural History

Edward Denison, Guang Yu Ren

ISBN: 978-0-470-68333-0 March 2012 304 Pages


Unlocking the history of the British home, this book reveals how its layout has evolved from the Stone Age to the present day. From modest ancient dwellings and medieval merchants' houses to imposing stately mansions and modern urban estates, the book explores the forces that have shaped these homes. Each chapter brings these ideas to life by focusing on buildings that are accessible and open to the public. Featured homes include: the Tudor mansions of Cowdray and Burghley House; and the grand Georgian terraces of London, Bath and Brighton.


1 Sticks and Stones – The Ancient Abode from the Stone Age to Roman Invasion

2 Roman Homes and the Newfangled Rectangle – Roman Britain ad 43–410

3 Wooden Walls and Fledgling Halls – Anglo-Saxon and Viking Britain c ad 410–1066

4 The Hearth and Hall – Medieval Britain 1066–1485

5 Architecture and Avarice – The Tudors and Early Stuarts 1485–1649

6 The Compact Commodity – Civil War and Four Georges 1649–c 1830

7 Home Sweet Home? –The Industrial Age c 1830–1900

8 The ‘Modern’ Home – The 20th Century and Beyond



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