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The New Pastoralism: Landscape into Architecture




The New Pastoralism: Landscape into Architecture

Mark Titman (Guest Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-118-33698-4 April 2013 144 Pages


The New Pastoralism demonstrates how small-scale additions or conversions using planting and wildlife can bring about engaging, delightful and efficient structures and spaces. The book’s numerous contributors each showcase a particular Nature device that they used to enhance their built proposals. Images are provided with text as annotation. The prominent featured architects will include: Michael Sorkin, Nicholas Grimshaw, Ken Yeang, Kathryn Findlay and Mos Architecture. The other contributors will show small or medium sized built projects they have worked on. All contributors will showcase a building, structure or surface as either drawn proposal or built construction.

EditorIal 5
Helen Castle

About the GUEST-EDITOR 6
Mark Titman

Spotlight 8
Visual highlights of the issue

Introduction 14
Dualism is Dead; Long Live the Pastoral
Mark Titman

Samuel Palmer and the Pastoral Vision 20
Colin Harrison

The Golden Age: Between Wilderness and Utopia 26
Dominic Shepherd

‘You Can Touch But Do Not Read’: The ‘Future-Rustic’ Work of Kathryn Findlay 32
Mark Titman

The Land of Scattered Seeds 40
John Puttick

Wild City: MVRDV – Weaving Nature and the Urban 48
Marta Pozo Gil

Surviving Versus Living: Nature and Nurture 56
May Leung

Origin of Species 60
Michael Sorkin

68 Quit the Grey Limbo and Return to Paradise68
Matthew Cannon and Mascia Gianvanni

Brave New Now 74
Liam Young

Dirty Futures: Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Mother Nature 82
Geoff Ward

The Persistence of the Pastoral 86
Nic Clear

Landscape Utopianism: Information, Ecology and Generative Pastoralism 94
Gregory Marinic

Digital Cottage Industries 100
Mike Aling

iPastoral 106
Mark Morris

Exist-Stencil 112
Jeffrey James

Open Fields: The Next Rural Design Revolution 118
Alastair Parvin

Next-Door Instructions 126
François Roche

Pastoral Manoeuvres: Ecologies of City, Nature and Practice 134
Duncan Berntsen

138 counterpoint 138
Et in Arcadia ego
Et in Arcadia est
Kevin Rhowbotham

Contributors 142