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The Optics Encyclopedia: Basic Foundations and Practical Applications, 5 Volumes Set




The Optics Encyclopedia: Basic Foundations and Practical Applications, 5 Volumes Set


Written by internationally recognized experts, the high quality of the articles provides dependable information on topics of current interest in industrial and academic research as well as background knowledge. Covering both theoretical and applied optics, each article has not only a list of references cited in the text but also a guide to further reading. Each article also concludes with a glossary containing the technical terms necessary for the topic under consideration. Throughout, the subject matter is treated in a tutorial, user-friendly way rather than as a pure reference and is supplemented by references cited in the text and a listing of important reviews and books.
Amplifiers, Optical
Astronomical Telescopes and Instrumentation
Atmospheric Optics
Biomedical Imaging Techniques
Charged-Particle Optics
Color Vision
Data Storage, Optical
Diodes, Light-emitting
Display Technology
Electromagnetic Radiation: Emission and Propagation
Electron Diffraction
Electro-optic Devices
Electro-optical Imaging
Electrophotographic Copying and Printing (Xerography)
Fiber Optics
Filters, Optical
Fourier and Other Transform Methods
Geometric Optics
Image Processing of Optical Data
Imaging Detectors
Information Processing, Optical
Interconnections, Optical
Laser Cooling and Trapping of Neutral Atoms
Laser Isotope Separation
Laser Physics
Lasers, Dye
Lasers, Extreme UV and Soft X-ray
Lasers, Free-Electron
Lasers, Gas
Lasers, Industrial Uses of
Lasers, Medical Use of
Lasers, Semiconductor
Lasers, Solid State
Lidar (Laser Radar)
Light and Lighting Systems
Linear Optics
Magneto-optical Devices
Modulators and Demodulators, Optical
Motion Picture and Video Lenses
Nonlinear Optics
Optical Aberrations
Optical Alignment
Optical and Laser Scanning Technology
Optical Coatings
Optical Communications
Optical Components and Systems
Optical Computing
Optical Design
Optical Fabrication
Optical Illusions
Optical Instrumentation
Optical Materials
Optical Metrology
Optical Networks
Optical Radiation Sources and Standards
Optical Techniques Mechanical Measurements
Optical Techniques for the Analysis and Characterization of Chemicals and Materials
Optical Tomography
Photoemission and Photoelectron Spectra
Photographic Recording
Photography, Digital
Photography, Physics and Technology
Physiological Optics
Polarization Optics, Polarimeters and Polarization Spectrometers
Polarized Light, Basic Concepts of
Radiation Interaction with Molecules
Remote Sensing
Sensors, Optical
Speckle and Speckle Metrology
Spectrometers, Infrared
Spectrometers, Ultraviolett and Visible Light
Spectrometers, X-ray
Spectroscopy, Laser
Spectroscopy, Photoacoustic
Spectroscopy, Raman
Spectroscopy, Ultrafast
Ultrashort-Pulse Phenomena
Underwater Optics
Wave Optics
X-ray Optics
Zeeman and Stark Effects
" excellent choice for an overview of the field of optics."E-STREAMS, January 2005

"...a wealth of fundamental information along with practical applications...anyone working in the field of optics will find these books to be an interesting, useful, and information resource."
IEEE Electrical Insulation Magazine

"The first volume ... provides a comprehensive introduction to the most interesting and topical problems of modern optics. The material for the articles is carefully and critically selected and presented very well, from both methodological and pedagogical points of view." Journal of Raman Spectroscopy