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The Psychology of Finance: Understanding the Behavioural Dynamics of Markets, Revised Edition




The Psychology of Finance: Understanding the Behavioural Dynamics of Markets, Revised Edition

Lars Tvede

ISBN: 978-0-470-84342-0 March 2002 332 Pages


There is one constant factor in the chaos of the markets and that constant is human psychology. In the Psychology of Finance readers are shown how the market's characteristics that arise can be interpreted and learnt from. This revised edition contains new examples and updates to charts. There is also a summary of the characteristics of each phase of the equity market, bear bottom, rise, bull peak, and decline. It includes an appendix covering the history of economic psychology
Written in an extremely readable and enjoyable style it shows how psychology can drive movements in the prices of financial assets, breakdown key market phenomena, eg, irrational attitude changes in the individual, and their indicators.
Part I: The Dark Forces of Time and Ignorance.

Rational Agents and Real Worlds.

A Few Practical Terms.

Part II: The Four Terrible Truths about Finance.

The First Rule: The Market Is Ahead.

The Second Rule: The Market is Irrational.

The Third Rule: Chaos Reigns.

The Fourth Rule: Charts are Self-fulfilling.

Part III: The Psychology of Man.

The Beginning of Psychology.

The Major Schools Emerge.

Part IV: The Behaviour Of Groups.

The Alchemists.

Psychology Meets Finance.

Part V: The Psychology of Market Information.

The Fastest Game in Town.

Smoke without Fire?.

Little and Big Fish.

Frames and Attitudes.

Part VI: The Psychology of Trending Markets.

Entering the Staircase.

Harmony and Resonance.

Meet Mr Ponzi.

Differences between Bull and Bear Markets.

Part VII: The Psychology of Ranging Markets.

Doubt and Hesitation.

When Markets get Overextended.

Part VIII: The Psychology of Turning Points.

What's Really Going On when a Trend Reverses?

Warning Signals for Major Trend reversals.

Part IX: The Psychology of Panics.

Tracing the Monster's Tracks.

Animal Spirits.

Part X: Beating the Gun.

Exposure and Timing.

The Road to Ruin.

Appendix I: Timeline of General Psychology.

Appendix II: Timeline of Economic Psychology.

Appendix III: Timeline of Technical Analysis.

Appendix IV: List of Historical Financial Crises.

Appendix V: Summary of Possible Psychological Phenomena During Trends, Turning Points and Panics.