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The Vandals

Andrew Merrills, Richard Miles

ISBN: 978-1-405-16068-1 February 2010 Wiley-Blackwell 368 Pages


The Vandals is the first book available in the English Language dedicated to exploring the sudden rise and dramatic fall of this complex North African Kingdom. This complete history provides a full account of the Vandals and re-evaluates key aspects of the society including:
  • Political and economic structures  such as the complex foreign policy which combined diplomatic alliances and marriages with brutal raiding
  • The extraordinary cultural development of secular learning, and the religious struggles that threatened to tear the state apart
  • The nature of Vandal identity from a social and gender perspective.
List of Illustrations viii

Preface ix

List of Abbreviations xii

1 The Vandals in History 1

2 From the Danube to Africa 27

3 Ruling the Vandal Kingdom ad 435–534 56

4 Identity and Ethnicity in the Vandal Kingdom 83

5 The Vandal Kingdom and the Wider World, ad 439–534 109

6 The Economy of Vandal Africa 141

7 Religion and the Vandal Kingdom 177

8 Cultural Life Under the Vandals 204

9 Justinian and the End of the Vandal Kingdom 228

Notes 256

Pre-1800 Sources 306

Works Post 1800 313

Index 341

“…Andy Merrills and Richard Miles have done us a great service with this clear, erudite, and engaging study.”  (Melbourne Historical Journal, 1 December 2012)