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The Walking Dead and Philosophy: Shotgun. Machete. Reason.




The Walking Dead and Philosophy: Shotgun. Machete. Reason.

William Irwin (Series Editor), Christopher Robichaud (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-118-34668-6 March 2012 99 Pages


The story of The Walking Dead chronicles the lives of a group of survivors in the wake of a zombie apocalypse. The Walking Dead is an Eisner-award winning comic book series by writer Robert Kirkman. Started in 2003, the comic book continues to publish monthly and has published a total of 92 issues. The popularity of this comic book series led to graphic novel publications (see competing titles) as well as the critically acclaimed TV adaptation on AMC. The Walking Dead is AMC's highest-rated show ever surpassing even Mad Men's ratings at its peak. Both the comic book series and TV show force us to confront our most cherished values and ask: would we still be able to hold onto these things in such a world? What are we allowed to do? What aren't we? Are there any boundaries left? The Walking Dead and Philosophy will answer these and other questions: Is it ok to "opt out?" Is it morally acceptable to abandon Merle? What happens to law in a post-zombie world? Does marriage have any meaning anymore? What duty do survivors have to each other?
Introduction: Thinking Your Way through a Zombie Apocalypse
1 Opting Out: The Ethics of Suicide in The Walking Dead
Christopher Robichaud
2 The Misfortunes of the Walking Dead
Daniel P. Malloy
3 The Heart’s Desire: Sex in The Walking Dead
Ruth Tallman and Jason Southworth
4 Left Behind: Is it Morally Acceptable to Abandon Merle Dixon?
Lance Belluomini
5 Are Rick and Shane Still Deputies?: Law in a Post-Zombie World
Andrew Terjesen
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