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The Wiley Handbook of Educational Supervision




The Wiley Handbook of Educational Supervision

Sally J. Zepeda (Editor), Judith A. Ponticell (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-119-12829-8 September 2018 Wiley-Blackwell 550 Pages

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An authoritative guide to educational supervision in today’s complex environment

The Wiley Handbook of Educational Supervision offers a comprehensive resource that explores the evolution of supervision through contributions from a panel of noted experts. The text explores a wealth of topics including recent and dramatic changes in the complex context of today’s schools. This important resource:

  • Describes supervision in a historical context
  • Includes a review of adult learning and professional community
  • Reviews new teacher preparation and comprehensive induction systems
  • Contains perspectives on administrative feedback, peer coaching and collaboration
  • Presents information on professional development and job-embedding learning
  • Examines policy and implementation challenges in teacher evaluation

Written for researchers, policy analysts, school administrators and supervisors, The Wiley Handbook of Educational Supervision draws on concepts, theories and research from other closely related fields of study to enhance and challenge our understanding of educational supervision.

Notes on Contributors ix

Acknowledgments xvii

1 Introduction 1
Sally J. Zepeda and Judith A. Ponticell

Part I Context 15

2 A Policy and Political History of Educational Supervision 17
W. Kyle Ingle and Jane Clark Lindle

3 Foundations of Adult Development and Learning: Implications for Educational Supervision 45
Stephen P. Gordon and Jovita M. Ross‐Gordon

4 Theories of Professions and the Status of Teaching 75
Pamela Martin Fry

5 Job‐embedded Learning: How School Leaders Can Use Job‐embedded Learning as a Mechanism for School Improvement 101
Kirsten Lee Hill and Laura M. Desimone

6 Instructional Supervision in an Era of High‐Stakes Accountability 131
Lance D. Fusarelli and Bonnie C. Fusarelli

Part II Intent 157

7 Accountability, Control, and Teachers’ Work in American Schools 159
Richard M. Ingersoll and Gregory J. Collins

8 Coming to Understand the Wicked Problem of Teacher Evaluation 183
Helen M. Hazi

9 Discretion and Trust in Professional Supervisory Practices 209
Megan Tschannen‐Moran and Christopher R. Gareis

10 Managing Collaborative Inquiry for Continuously Better Practice: A Cross‐industry Perspective 229
Jane G. Coggshall, Catherine Jacques, and Judith Ennis

Part III Process 249

11 Observation, Feedback, and Reflection 251
Judith A. Ponticell, Sally J. Zepeda, Philip D. Lanoue, Joyce G. Haines, Albert M. Jimenez, and Atakan Ata

12 Teacher Mentoring in Service of Beginning Teachers’ Learning to Teach: Critical Review of Conceptual and Empirical Literature 281
Jian Wang

13 Peer Coaching in Education: From Partners to Faculties and Districts 307
Bruce Joyce and Emily F. Calhoun

14 From Supervision to “Super Vision”: A Developmental Approach to Collaboration and Capacity Building 329
Eleanor Drago‐Severson and Jessica Blum‐DeStefano

15 Encouraging Reflective Practice in Educational Supervision Through Action Research and Appreciative Inquiry 353
Jeffrey Glanz and Revital Heimann

Part IV Enactors of Supervision 379

16 National Policy/Standards: Changes in Instructional Supervision Since the Implementation of Recent Federal Legislation 381
Fred C. Lunenburg

17 Teacher Performance Assessments Mandated During the Duncan Era 407
Caitlin McMunn Dooley, Stephen J. Owens, and Mark Conley

18 Principal Supervisors and the Challenge of Principal Support and Development 433
Laura K. Rogers, Ellen Goldring, Mollie Rubin, and Jason A. Grissom

19 The Principal: Building the Future Based on the Past 459
Mary Lynne Derrington

20 Necessity Is the Mother of Re‐invention: Making Teaching Excellence the Norm through Policy and Established Clinical Practice 483
Nancy L. Zimpher and Jessica Fisher Neidl

Part V Outcomes 509

21 Improving Teacher Practice‐based Knowledge: What Teachers Need to Know and How They Come to Know It 511
Diane Yendol‐Hoppey, Jennifer Jacobs, and Rebecca West Burns

22 Shaping the School‐wide Learning Environment Through Supervisory Leadership 533
Erin Anderson and Diana G. Pounder

23 High‐performing Teachers, Student Achievement, and Equity as an Outcome of Educational Supervision 555
Kendall Deas

24 Supervisory Identity: Cultural Shift, Critical Pedagogy, and the Crisis of Supervision 575
Noelle Arnold

25 Conflicts, Convergence, and Wicked Problems: The Evolution of Educational Supervision 601
Judith A. Ponticell and Sally J. Zepeda

Index 615