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The Wiley Handbook on the Psychology of Violence




The Wiley Handbook on the Psychology of Violence

Carlos A. Cuevas, Callie Marie Rennison

ISBN: 978-1-118-30315-3 March 2016 Wiley-Blackwell 760 Pages


The Wiley Handbook on the Psychology of Violence features a collection of original readings, from an international cast of experts, that explore all major issues relating to the psychology of violence and aggressive behaviors.


  • Features original contributions from an interdisciplinary cast of scholars - leading experts in their fields of study
  •  Includes the latest violence research – and its implications for  practice and policy
  • Offers coverage of current issues relating to violence such as online violence and cybercriminal behavior
  • Covers additional topics such as juvenile violence, sexual violence, family violence, and various violence issues relating to underserved and/or understudied populations

List of Contributors x

Acknowledgments xv

Introduction 1
Carlos A. Cuevas and Callie Marie Rennison

Part One General Issues in Violence and Victimization 5

1 The Dynamic Nature of Crime Statistics 7
Cynthia Barnett]Ryan and Emily H. Griffith

2 Ethical Issues in Surveys about Children’s Exposure to Violence and Sexual Abuse 24
David Finkelhor, Sherry Hamby, Heather Turner, and Wendy Walsh

3 Why are Offenders Victimized so Often? 49
Mark T. Berg and Richard B. Felson

4 The Complex Dynamics of Victimization: Understanding Differential Vulnerability without Blaming the Victim 66
Sherry Hamby and John Grych

5 Social Construction of Violence 86
Joel Best

6 Consequences and Sequelae of Violence and Victimization 100
Mary Ann Priester, Trevor Cole, Shannon M. Lynch, and Dana D. DeHart

Part Two General Violence 121

7 Homicide: Its Prevalence, Correlates, and Situational Contexts 123
Terance D. Miethe and Wendy C. Regoeczi

8 Nonfatal Violence 140
Jennifer L. Truman

9 Perceptions of Stalking Victimization among Behaviorally Defined Victims: Examining Factors that Influence Self-Identification 158
Timothy C. Hart and Emily I. Troshynski

10 The Situational Dynamics of Street Crime: Property versus Confrontational Crime 179
Mindy Bernhardt and Volkan Topalli

Part Three Juvenile Violence 195

11 Triggerman Today, Dead Man Tomorrow: Gangs, Violence, and Victimization 197
David C. Pyrooz and Kathleen A. Fox

12 Girls and Women in Gangs 211
Joanne Belknap and Molly Bowers

13 School Violence and Bullying 226
Melissa K. Holt and Gerald Reid

14 Juvenile Violence: Interventions, Policies, and Future Directions 247
Terrance J. Taylor and Sean McCandless

Part Four Family Violence 277

15 Child Maltreatment 279
Cindy Sousa, J. Bart Klika, Todd I. Herrenkohl, and W. Ben Packard

16 Destructive Sibling Aggression 297
Jonathan Caspi and Veronica R. Barrios

17 Elder Maltreatment: The Theory and Practice of Elder-Abuse Prevention 324
Gia Elise Barboza

18 Interventions, Policies, and Future Research Directions in Family Violence 353
Brian K. Payne and Christina Policastro

Part Five Partner Violence 371

19 Intimate Partner Violence Among College Students: Measurement, Risk Factors, Consequences, and Responses 373
Leah E. Daigle, Heidi Scherer, Bonnie S. Fisher, and Andia Azimi

20 The Transcendence of Intimate Violence across the Life Course 396
Kristin Carbone]Lopez

21 Controversies in Partner Violence 411
Denise A. Hines, Emily M. Douglas, and Murray A. Straus

22 Interventions, Policies, and Future Research Directions in Partner Violence 439
Molly Dragiewicz

Part Six Sexual Violence 455

23 Rape and Sexual Assault Victimization 457
Christine A. Gidycz and Erika L. Kelley

24 A Motivation]Facilitation Model of Adult Male Sexual Offending 482
Lesleigh E. Pullman, Skye Stephens, and Michael C. Seto

25 Pornography and Violence Against Women 501
Walter S. DeKeseredy

26 Prostitution and Sex Trafficking 517
Amy Farrell and Stephanie Fahy

27 Interventions, Policies, and Future Research Directions in Sexual Violence 533
Dara C. Drawbridge and Carlos A. Cuevas

Part Seven Cybercrime 553

28 Cybercrime Victimization 555
Billy Henson, Bradford W. Reyns, and Bonnie S. Fisher

29 Online Harassment 571
Lisa M. Jones and Kimberly J. Mitchell

30 Technology and Violence 588
Thomas J. Holt and Adam M. Bossler

31 Interventions, Policies, and Future Research Directions in Cybercrime 604
Max Kilger

Part Eight Violence in Underserved and Understudied Populations 623

32 Intimate Partner Violence among Latinos 625
Chiara Sabina

33 Living in a Web of Trauma: An Ecological Examination of Violence among African Americans 649
Carolyn M. West

34 An Interpretation of Invisible Domestic Violence among Asian Americans 666
MiRang Park

35 Interpersonal Violence and American Indian and Alaska Native Communities 678
Jane E. Palmer and Michelle Chino

36 Intimate Partner Violence in LGBT Communities 695
Mikel L. Walters and Caroline Lippy

37 Research on the Victimization of Understudied Populations: Current Issues and Future Directions 715
Rebecca Pfeffer and Carlos A. Cuevas

Index 727