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Thermodynamics of Materials, Volume 2




Thermodynamics of Materials, Volume 2

David V. Ragone

ISBN: 978-0-471-30886-7 January 1995 256 Pages


Clear explanation of reaction kinetics for liquids, gases, and solids

Thermodynamics of Materials provides a comprehensive reference for chemical engineers and others whose work involves materials science. Volume 2 reviews macroscopic thermodynamics before moving on to the more complex behavior of defects and interfaces. The kinetics of liquids and gases are explored through discussion of evaporation, diffusion, and molecular movement, while solids are explored through in-depth explanations of nucleation, spinodal decomposition, and reaction kinetics. Concise, with clearly-defined equations and constants, this guide is an invaluable reference for both theoretical and practical applications.

Thermodynamics: Review.

Statistical Thermodynamics.

Defects in Solids.

Surfaces and Interfaces.



Reaction Kinetics.

Nonequilibrium Thermodynamics.