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Through the Eyes of Tiger Cubs: Views of Asia's Next Generation




Through the Eyes of Tiger Cubs: Views of Asia's Next Generation

Mark L. Clifford, Janet Pau

ISBN: 978-1-118-09463-1 December 2011 224 Pages


What will Asia look like ten years from now? Find out by taking a look through the eyes of the Asia's next generation of leaders

Following economic booms in Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea, and Taiwan—the four Asian Tigers—attention has shifted to success stories in other Asian economies. However, a number of challenges have also emerged that could threaten the region's development over the next decade.

Through the Eyes of Tiger Cubs offers a unique glimpse into the younger generation's view of Asia's future. It draws on the perspective of more than 80 visionary young Asians, who have identified the key issues and who see innovative solutions for areas as diverse as education and labor markets, demographics and healthcare, energy and the environment, and governance and geopolitics.

The book's insights are based on a collection of think-pieces from a broad range of young Asians—the result of a competition organized by the Asia Business Council, Time magazine, the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy at the National University of Singapore, as well as additional research by the Council. The book is unique in that it:

  • Provides a viewpoint in contrast to the usual perspective of businesses, governments, economists, and journalists
  • Brings together the responses of almost a hundred young Asian thinkers to the questions "What is the biggest challenge facing Asia over the next ten years?" "Why?" and "What should be done about it?"
  • Offers policy makers, business leaders, and others who are concerned about the future of Asia a unique glimpse into the younger generation's vision

The next generation has a high stake in ensuring Asia's long-term growth. Gain a unique perspective on how the leaders of tomorrow see the future.

Foreword by Kishore Mahbubani vii

Acknowledgments ix

Introduction 1

Part I Asia’s People 9

Chapter 1 Education 11

Introduction 11

Education Access 14

Education Quality 22

Future Career 26

Conclusion 32

Chapter 2 Inequality 35

Introduction 35

Human Development 38

Poverty Alleviation 45

Conclusion 47

Chapter 3 Demographics 49

Introduction 49

Population Growth 51

Aging 57

Conclusion 62

Part II Asia’s Community 65

Chapter 4 Environment 67

Introduction 67

Natural Disasters 70

Water 74

Food 77

Energy 79

Conclusion 83

Chapter 5 Governance 87

Introduction 87

Representation 90

Private Sector 96

Conclusion 102

Chapter 6 Geopolitics 105

Introduction 105

Chinese Dominance 106

Regional Conflict 109

Decoupling from the West 112

Conclusion 114

Chapter 7 Asian Identity 117

Introduction 117

Regional Integration 119

Economic Growth and Asian Values 130

Preservation of Local Differences 134

Conclusion 137

Afterword 141

Appendix: Winning Essays 143

Notes 179

About the Authors 187

List of Contributors 189

Index 191