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Transition and Justice: Negotiating the Terms of New Beginnings in Africa




Transition and Justice: Negotiating the Terms of New Beginnings in Africa

Gerhard Anders, Olaf Zenker

ISBN: 978-1-118-94477-6 November 2014 Wiley-Blackwell 256 Pages



Transition and Justice examines a series of cases from across the African continent where peaceful ‘new beginnings’ were declared after periods of violence and where transitional justice institutions helped define justice and the new socio-political order.
  • Offers a new perspective on transition and justice in Africa transcending the institutional limits of transitional justice
  • Covers a wide range of situations, and presents a broad range of sites where past injustices are addressed 
  • Examines cases where peaceful ‘new beginnings’ have been declared after periods of violence
  • Addresses fundamental questions about transitions and justice in societies characterized by a high degree of external involvement and internal fragmentation

Notes on Contributors vii

1 Transition and Justice: An Introduction 1
Gerhard Anders and Olaf Zenker

2 Making Good Citizens from Bad Life in Post-Genocide Rwanda 21
Simon Turner

3 Performing Repatriation? The Role of Refugee Aid in Shaping New Beginnings in Mauritania 41
Marion Fresia

4 Conflicting Logics of Exceptionality: New Beginnings and the Problem of Police Violence in Post-Apartheid South Africa 65
Steffen Jensen

5 The 2011 Toilet Wars in South Africa: Justice and Transition between the Exceptional and the Everyday after Apartheid 85
Steven Robins

6 New Law against an Old State: Land Restitution as a Transition to Justice in Post-Apartheid South Africa? 113
Olaf Zenker

7 Transitional Justice, States of Emergency and Business as Usual in Sierra Leone 135
Gerhard Anders

8 ‘When we Walk Out, What was it all About?’: Views on New Beginnings from within the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda 153
Nigel Eltringham

9 New Start or False Start? The ICC and Electoral Violence in Kenya 175
Sabine H¨ohn

10 Justice without Peace? International Justice and Conflict Resolution in Northern Uganda 199
Kimberley Armstrong

11 The Violence of Peace: Ethnojustice in Northern Uganda 219
Adam Branch

Index 241