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Turbulent Mixing and Chemical Reactions




Turbulent Mixing and Chemical Reactions

Jerzy Bałdyga, John R. Bourne

ISBN: 978-0-471-98171-8 January 1999 890 Pages


Turbulent Mixing and Chemical Reactions Jerzy Ba???dyga, Warsaw University of Technology, Poland John R. Bourne, Visiting Professor, University of Birmingham, UK and Emeritus Professor, ETH Zurich, Switzerland The way in which reagents are mixed can greatly influence the yield and range of products formed by fast, multiple chemical reactions. Understanding this phenomenon enables chemists to carry out reactions more selectively, make better use of raw materials and simplify product workup and separation. Turbulent Mixing and Chemical Reactions presents a balanced treatment of the connection between mixing and reaction. It contains theoretical aspects, experimental methods and expected results as well as worked examples to illustrate problem solving. This book will be of interest to all scientists involved in chemical engineering, physical chemistry, and synthetic chemists in the fine chemical and pharmaceuticals industry.
Introduction-Mixing and Reaction.

Bulk Flow Patterns and the Selectivity of Slow Reactions.

Fast Reactions and the Limits of Classical Methods.

The Nature and Definition of Turbulence.

Theory of Turbulence and Models of Turbulent Flow.

Mixing of Non-Reacting Materials: From Turbulent Diffusion to Mixing on Molecular Scale.

Analysis and Modelling of Mixing of Reactive Materials.

Mixing and Chemical Reaction in a Lagrangian Framework-Mechanistic Models.

The Evaluation of Mixing Models: General Considerations.

Mechanisms and Kinetics of Some Test Reactions.

Model-Experiment Comparisons when Micromixing Controls.

Model-Experiment Comparisons when Micro- and Mesomixing Control.

Characteristics of Various Mixers.


Further Applications.

"Bridging the gap between advances in the field of turbulence and methods used in chemical reaction engineering, this book brings together material that has been published in numerous journals." (La Doc Sti, Vol. 368, December 1998)