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Wide Band Gap Semiconductor Nanowires 1: Low-Dimensionality Effects and Growth




Wide Band Gap Semiconductor Nanowires 1: Low-Dimensionality Effects and Growth

Vincent Consonni (Editor), Guy Feuillet (Editor), Robert Baptist (Series Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-118-98430-7 August 2014 Wiley-ISTE 352 Pages



GaN and ZnO nanowires can by grown using a wide variety of methods from physical vapor deposition to wet chemistry for optical devices. This book starts by presenting the similarities and differences between GaN and ZnO materials, as well as the assets and current limitations of nanowires for their use in optical devices, including feasibility and perspectives. It then focuses on the nucleation and growth mechanisms
of ZnO and GaN nanowires, grown by various chemical and physical methods. Finally, it describes the formation of nanowire heterostructures applied to optical devices.

Preface xi

Part 1 GaN and ZnO Nanowires: Low-Dimensionality Effects 1

Chapter 1 Quantum and Optical Confinement 3
Le Si Dang

Chapter 2 Stress Relaxation in Nanowires with Heterostructures 25
Frank Glas

Chapter 3 Surface-Related Optical Properties of GaN-Based Nanowires 59
Pierre Lefebvre

Chapter 4 Surface Related Optical Properties of ZnO Nanowires 81
Tobias Voss and Jürgen Gutowski

Chapter 5 Doping and Transport 99
Julien Pernot, Fabrice Donatini and Pierre Tchoulfian

Chapter 6 Microstructure of Group III-N Nanowires 125
Achim Trampert, Xiang Kong, Esperanza Luna, Javier Grandal and Bernd Jenichen

Part 2 Nucleation and Growth Mechanisms of GaN and ZnO Nanowires 157

Chapter 7 Ni Collector-Induced Growth of GaN Nanowire on C-Plane Sapphere by Plama-Assisted Molecular Beam Epitaxy 159
Caroline Chèze

Chapter 8 Self-Induced Growth of GaN Nanowires by Molecular Beam Epitaxy 177
Vincent Consonni

Chapter 9 Selective Area Growth of GaN Nanowires by Plama-Assisted Molecular Beam Epitaxy 215
Miguel A Sanchez-Garcia, steven Albert, Ana M. Bengoechea-Encabo, Francesca Barbagini and Enrique Calleja

Chapter 10 Metal-Organic Vapor Phase Epitaxy Growth of GaN Nanorods 245
Joël Eymery

Chapter 11 Metal-Organic Chemical Vaport Deposition Growth of ZnO Nanowires 265
Vincent Sallet

Chapter 12 Pulsed-Laser Deposition of ZnO Nanowires 303
Christoph Peter Dietrich and Marius Grundmann

Chapter 13 Preparation of ZnO Nanorods and Nanowires by Wet Chemistry 325
Thierry Pauporté

List of Authors 379