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Wiley International Encyclopedia of Marketing, 6 Volume Set




Wiley International Encyclopedia of Marketing, 6 Volume Set

Jagdish N. Sheth (Editor-in-Chief), Naresh Malhotra (Editor-in-Chief)

ISBN: 978-1-405-16178-7 December 2010 Wiley-Blackwell 1732 Pages


With over 300 entries from hundreds of global experts, this is one of the premier marketing reference resources available worldwide.
  • The 6-volume WIEM provides scholars and professionals with an international guide to marketing concepts and applications
  • The far-reaching new developments, challenges and opportunities that have arisen in recent years are fully reflected in the entries
  • Scholars and professionals will enjoy the flexible, multi-level structure, with entries ranging from topics summaries to short essays reviewing areas of development and debate
  • Entries are further extended by sophisticated cross-referencing both among volumes and between encyclopedia entries and external sources
  • The encyclopedia is also available online

For ease of reference, the entries are arranged alphabetically within each of the subject volumes. Designed to encompass the scope of modern marketing, the volumes cover:

  • Volume 1: Marketing Strategy
  • Volume 2: Marketing Research
  • Volume 3: Consumer Behavior
  • Volume 4: Advertising and Integrated Communication
  • Volume 5: Product Innovation and Management
  • Volume 6: International Marketing

Foreword vii

Preface ix

About the Editors xi

List of Contributors xiii

A framework for creating value propositions 1

Brand growth strategy 3

Brand strategy 8

Brand value 10

Bundling 11

Cannibalism 15

Communications budgeting 16

Competitive advantage: its sources and the search for value 17

Competitive analysis 24

Competitor analysis 31

Customer equity 41

Customer lifetime value (CLV) 42

Customer relationship management 44

Customer satisfaction/dissatisfaction 53

Customer solutions 57

Database mining and marketing 59

Demand elasticity 60

Direct and interactive marketing 67

Disintermediation 69

E-commerce and internet marketing 71

Ethical marketing and marketing strategy 72

First-mover (pioneer) advantage 85

Global marketing strategy 87

Go-to-market strategy 96

Innovation diffusion 99

Integrated marketing communication strategy 100

Internal marketing 103

Later mover (nonpioneer) advantage 107

Market definition 109

Market evolution 110

Market orientation 111

Market segmentation and targeting 119

Market share 128

Market/industry structure 129

Market-based assets 131

Marketing audit 132

Marketing channel strategy 133

Marketing costs 142

Marketing metrics 144

Marketing mix 153

Marketing planning 154

Marketing strategy 156

Marketing strategy models 166

Marketing warfare strategies 175

Mass customization strategies 177

Multichannel marketing 179

Perception of brand equity 181

Point of difference and product differentiation 182

Positioning analysis and strategies 183

Pricing strategy 184

Product category 193

Push and pull marketing strategies 195

Sales force strategy 197

Services marketing strategy 208

Stages of the product life cycles 218

Supply chain management strategy 220

SWOT analysis 227

Thinking deeper about customer experience 229

Trademarks, proprietary marks, and brands 231

Subject Index 233