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Wind Loads on Structures

Claës Dyrbye, Svend Ole Hansen

ISBN: 978-0-471-95651-8 December 1996 244 Pages


This book provides comprehensive treatment of wind effects on structures. It starts with the load chain, then moves on to meteorological considerations, atmospheric boundary layer, static wind load, dynamic wind load and scaling laws used in wind-tunnel tests. Includes the latest information on the Euronorms: Eurocode 1, Actions on Structures. Provides a logical and comprehensive treatment of the basic principles.

Preface ix

Symbols xi

1 Introduction 1

2 Wind Climate 5

3 The Atmospheric Boundary Layer – Natural Wind 19

4 Static Wind Load 49

5 Along-wind Response, SDOF Structures 75

6 The Along-wind Response of Bluff Bodies 79

7 Cross-wind vibrations Induced by Vortex Shedding 109

8 Wind Load on Bridges 143

9 Galloping 173

10 Wind-tunnel Testing 177

Appendix A Random Variables and Stochastic Processes 191

Appendix B Calculation of Multiple Integrals 207

Appendix C Vibrations of Linear Structures 211

Appendix D Solving Flutter Equations 217

References 221

Index 227