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Purchasing: Selection and Procurement for the Hospitality Industry, 9th Edition




Purchasing: Selection and Procurement for the Hospitality Industry, 9th Edition

Andrew H. Feinstein, Jean L. Hertzman, John M. Stefanelli

ISBN: 978-1-119-19415-6 March 2017 704 Pages


Purchasing: Selection and Procurement for the Hospitality Industry, 9th Edition is a learning-centered text that includes several pedagogical enhancements to help students quickly acquire and retain important information. It is written for those who will be involved with some phase of purchasing throughout their hospitality careers. This text covers product information as well as management of the purchasing function, and how this relates to a successful operation. It also acts as a comprehensive reference guide to the selection and procurement functions within the hospitality industry. Purchasing: Selection and Procurement for the Hospitality Industry is the comprehensive and up-to-date hospitality purchasing text available today.

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Chapter 1: The Concepts of Selection and Procurement

Chapter 2: Technology Applications in Purchasing

Chapter 3: Distribution Systems

Chapter 4: Forces Affecting the Distribution Systems

Chapter 5: An Overview of the Purchasing Function

Chapter 6: The Organization, Administration, and Evaluation of Purchasing

Chapter 7: The Purchase Specification: An Overall View

Chapter 8: The Optimal Amount

Chapter 9: Determining Optimal Purchase Prices and Payment Policies

Chapter 10: The Optimal Supplier

Chapter 11: Typical Ordering Procedures

Chapter 12: Typical Receiving Procedures

Chapter 13: Typical Storage Management Procedures

Chapter 14: Security in the Purchasing Function

Chapter 15: Fresh Produce

Chapter 16: Processed Produce and Other Grocery Items

Chapter 17: Dairy Products

Chapter 18: Eggs

Chapter 19: Poultry

Chapter 20: Fish

Chapter 21: Meat

Chapter 22: Beverages

Chapter 23: Nonfood Expense Items

Chapter 24: Services

Chapter 25: Furniture, Fixtures, and Equipment

  • A new, detailed discussion realted to the concepts of logistics and supply chain management has been added.
  • Revised end-of-chapter Questions and Problems and Experiential Exercises
  • Updated links to key websites that provide readers with access to current information
  • New, revised, and updated illustrations and photographs of concepts, companies, and products relating to the purchasing function have been included.
  • Former Chapter 6 "The Organization and Administration of Purchasing" has been combined with the previous edition's Chapter 7, "The Buyer’s Relations with Other Company Personnel." This was done to emphasize that relations with others are important parts of the staffing, training, directing and overall administration of the purchasing function.
  • Former Chapter 10 "The Optimal Price" has been combined with the previous edition's Chapter 11, "The Optimal Payment Policy." This was done to reflect the interrelationship between price and payment policies. 
  • Thoroughly updated glossary featuring hundreds of purchasing-specific terms and detailed definitions
  • Improved the discussion of sustainability, "green" practices and corporate social responsibility throughout the text
  • Stronger emphasis on online ordering and group purchasing organizations


  • Features discussion of the purchasing activity and product information from a management point of view
  • Product chapters include updated information on the latest trends
  • New updates concerning technology and “green” practices in the industry
  • Over 20 interviews with industry executives about the importance of specific purchasing aspects 
  • Expanded and enhanced glossary of key purchasing terms
  • In-depth attention to ordering procedures, distribution systems, supplier channels, price and payment, storage and security, and specification for food, furniture, fixtures, and equipment