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Leadership Team


Brian Napack                                  President & CEO
John Kritzmacher                            Chief Financial Officer & Executive Vice President, Operations
Christopher Caridi                            Senior Vice President & Corporate Controller
Gary Rinck                            Executive Vice President, General Counsel
Kevin Monaco                            Senior Vice President, Treasurer and Tax
Joanna Jia                            Corporate Secretary


Brian Napack                   President & Chief Executive Officer
John Kritzmacher                   Chief Financial Officer & Executive Vice President, Operations
Matthew Kissner                   Group Executive & Executive Vice President
Aref Matin                   Executive Vice President & Chief Technology Officer
Judy Verses                   Executive Vice President & General Manager, Research
Matt Leavy                      Executive Vice President, Education Publishing
Barry Davis                   Executive Vice President & General Manager, Talent Solutions
Todd Zipper                   President, Wiley Education Services & The Learning House
Georgios Papadopoulos                   Chairman, Atypon
Gary Rinck                   Executive Vice President, General Council
Nadeen Ayala                   Senior Vice President, Communications & Branding