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Food and Health: Actor Strategies in Information and Communication




Food and Health: Actor Strategies in Information and Communication

Viviane Clavier (Editor), Jean-Phillipe De Oliveira (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-786-30262-5 August 2019 Wiley-ISTE 268 Pages


Food is a major health issue; the links between diet and health are dominant in nutrition discourse and practice.

Food and Health: Actor Strategies in Information and Communication identifies the informational practices of nutrition professionals and consumers to study the structural elements of food and health. It analyzes the communication strategies of actors and the dissemination and use of information related to both food for health and health through food.

The book considers nutrition from the point of view of public policies, educational organizations, preventive measures, consumers and patients.

Part 1. Public Space and Communication and Legitimization Strategies
1. Food as a Public Health Problem: Convergences and Divergences of Public and Private Actor Games,
Sylvie Bardou-Boisnier and Jean-Philippe De Oliveira.
2. From Controversy to Media Controversy: Analysis of Communication Strategies Concerning the Health Risk of Growing Limousin Apples,
Christelle De Oliveira and Audrey Moutat.
3. Naming “Antibiotic-Free” Meat: American Agri-Food Industry Communication between Commitment and Guaranteeing Food Safety,
Estera Badau.
4. From Health Responsibility to Ethical Responsibility: The Legitimization of New Vegetable Experts in France,
Clémentine Hugol-Gential, Sarah Bastien, Hélène Burzala and Audrey Noacco.

Part 2. Education and Prevention: A Critical Approach to Discourses and Dispositives
5. Food at School: Between Science and Norm, Simona De Iulio, Susan Kovacs, Christian Orange, Denise Orange-Ravachol and Davide Borrelli.
6. Info-educational Dispositives to Educate Children about Nutrition, Marie Berthoud.
7. Communication and Nutrition: The Clinician’s Point of View, Anne-Laure Borel.

Part 3. Information, Food and Health: Consumers’ and Patients’ Points of View
8. Information Resources and Information Practices in the Context of the Medicalization of Food, Viviane Clavier.
9. Labeling for Sustainable Food: The Consumer’s Point of View, Anne Lacroix, Laurent Muller and Bernard Ruffieux.
10. Social Appropriation of “Diet and Health” Information: From Public Health Campaigns to Digital Tools, Faustine Régnier.