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Organizations and Identity

Gregory S. Larson, Rebecca Gill

ISBN: 978-1-509-50701-6 May 2017 Polity 224 Pages



The question “who am I?” represents one of the key challenges of contemporary life in a globalized world. For most of us, organizations play a key role in answering that question.

In this book, Gregory Larson and Rebecca Gill explain how identities are formed, managed, and regulated in our interactions with organizations, and why identity has become so relevant in modern life. Their examination includes frameworks for organizing and understanding identity scholarship, the nature of multiple identities and how these are managed, and the use of identity as a way to control workers.

Organizations and Identity introduces a discursive approach to the topic, highlighting what is unique and consequential about studying identity from a communication perspective. It is essential reading for students and scholars of organizational communication.

Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Exploring Communicative Approaches to Identity and Organizations
Chapter 3: Forming and Managing Identities
Chapter 4: Fragmenting and Intersecting Identities
Chapter 5: Regulating and Resisting Identities
Chapter 6: Informing Key Organizational Processes through Discursive Approaches to Identity
Chapter 7: Researching and Practicing Identity
"In this accessible and thought-provoking book, Larson and Gill pull together a number of threads in research on organizational identification, including ways identity is a problem for organizations and members and how 'local' concerns relate to wider social trends. They also point to avenues for further exploration, while integrating knowledge from other disciplines."
George Cheney, University of Colorado

"Organizations are not only where we go to make money. They are also places where we make ourselves. Provocative and insightful, Organizations and Identity challenges us to consider the multiple ways that organizational life forms, shapes, and manages our identities. Larson and Gill provide the most comprehensive and accessible treatment of organizations and identity to date."
Steve May, University of North Carolina