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The Handbook of Psycholinguistics



The Handbook of Psycholinguistics

Eva M. Fernández (Editor), Helen Smith Cairns (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-118-82955-4 September 2017 Wiley-Blackwell 784 Pages

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Incorporating approaches from linguistics and psychology, The Handbook of Psycholinguistics explores language processing and language acquisition from an array of perspectives and features cutting edge research from cognitive science, neuroscience, and other related fields.

The Handbook provides readers with a comprehensive review of the current state of the field, with an emphasis on research trends most likely to determine the shape of psycholinguistics in the years ahead. The chapters are organized into three parts, corresponding to the major areas of psycholinguists: production, comprehension, and acquisition. The collection of chapters, written by a team of international scholars, incorporates multilingual populations and neurolinguistic dimensions. Each of the three sections also features an overview chapter in which readers are introduced to the different theoretical perspectives guiding research in the area covered in that section.

Timely, comprehensive, and authoritative, The Handbook of Psycholinguistics is a valuable addition to the reference shelves of researchers in psychology, linguistics, and cognitive science, as well as advanced undergraduates and graduate students interested in how language works in the human mind and how language is acquired.

Notes on Contributors x

Prologue xxiii
Eva M. Fernández and Helen Smith Cairns

Part I Production 1

1 Overview 3
Fernanda Ferreira

2 Syntactic Encoding: Novel Insights Into the Relationship Between Grammar and Processing 13
Julie Franck

3 Signal Reduction and Linguistic Encoding 38
T. Florian Jaeger and Esteban Buz

4 Production in Bilingual and Multilingual Speakers 82
Daniela Paolieri, Luis Morales, and Teresa Bajo

5 Production of Signed Utterances 111
Ronnie B. Wilbur

6 Parity and Disparity in Conversational Interaction 136
Jennifer S. Pardo

7 Models Linking Production and Comprehension 157
Chiara Gambi and Martin J. Pickering

Part II Comprehension 183

8 Overview 185
Eva M. Fernández and Helen Smith Cairns

9 Speech Perception: Research, Theory, and Clinical Application 193
David B. Pisoni

10 Cross‐Language and Second Language Speech Perception 213
Ocke‐Schwen Bohn

11 Models of Lexical Access and Morphological Processing 240
Petar Milin, Eva Smolka, and Laurie Beth Feldman

12 Orthography, Word Recognition, and Reading 269
David Braze and Tao Gong

13 The Bilingual Lexicon 294
Judith F. Kroll and Fengyang Ma

14 Sentence Processing and Interpretation in Monolinguals and Bilinguals: Classical and Contemporary Approaches 320
Matthew J. Traxler, Liv J. Hoversten, and Trevor A. Brothers

15 The Comprehension of Anaphora and Verb Agreement 345
Janet L. Nicol and Andrew Barss

16 Prosody in Sentence Processing 365
Elizabeth Pratt

17 Semantic‐Pragmatic Processing 392
Petra B. Schumacher

18 Comprehension in Older Adult Populations: Healthy Aging, Aphasia, and Dementia 411
Jet M. J. Vonk, Eve Higby, and Loraine K. Obler

19 Neurolinguistic Studies of Sentence Comprehension 438
Michael A. Skeide and Angela D. Friederici

Part III Acquisition 457

20 Overview 459
Virginia Valian

21 Speech Perception in Infants: Propagating the Effects of Language Experience 470
Catherine T. Best

22 Children’s Performance Abilities: Language Production 491
Cecile McKee, Dana McDaniel, and Merrill F. Garrett

23 Language Comprehension in Monolingual and Bilingual Children 516
Krista Byers‐Heinlein and Casey Lew‐Williams

24 Names for Things… and Actions and Events: Following in the Footsteps of Roger Brown 536
Dani Levine, Kristina Strother‐Garcia, Kathy Hirsh‐Pasek, and Roberta Michnick Golinkoff

25 The Acquisition of Morphology 567
Kamil Ud Deen

26 The Acquisition of Syntax 593
Nina Hyams and Robyn Orfitelli

27 Social Interaction and Language Acquisition: Toward a Neurobiological View 615
Sarah Roseberry Lytle and Patricia K. Kuhl

28 Bilingual Acquisition: A Morphosyntactic Perspective on Simultaneous and Early Successive Language Development 635
Jürgen M. Meisel

29 The Development of Morphosyntax in Child and Adult Second Language Acquisition 653
Gita Martohardjono and Elaine C. Klein

30 Signed Language Acquisition: Input 674
Judy Kegl

Index 705

"Apart from providing a detailed account of some of the latest findings in the field, this book represents a useful manual for young scholars and even the general public who want to open their perspectives on psycholinguistics. It not only provides a general overview of the field, but it discusses potential open research questions and it provides a detailed literature review on each of the models, methodologies, samples of participants and languages that have already been studied." Reviewer: Maria Teresa Martinez-Garcia,Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, Issue 30.2770, Linguist List, July 2019