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Training and Development in Organizations


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Training and Development in Organizations

Irwin L. Goldstein

ISBN: 978-1-555-42186-1 November 1989 Pfeiffer 525 Pages

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Sponsored by the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology, a Division of the American Psychological Association

This book brings together research findings from I/O psychology and related disciplines to identify new approaches and strategies for making training more effective. They also provide models for measuring the benefits of training in terms of increased output, payroll savings, and more. You'll discover how better to evaluate training needs, how to design better training methods, and how to structure questionnaires to get the information you want. Includes instructional techniques based on cognitive and behavioral theory and covers such diverse factors as work-group settings, informal training by peers, and the socialization process of the newcomer.
Foreword by Raymond A. KatzellPrefaceThe Authors
1. Critical Training Issues: Past, Present, and Future
Part One: Training Systems Issues
2. Assessing Training Needs: Critical Levels of Analysis
3. Using Utility Analysis to Assess Training Outcomes
4. Evaluating Change Due to Training
Part Two: Learning and Cognitive Issues
5. Training the Information Processor: A Review of Cognitive Models
6. Individual Attributes and Training Performance
7. Behavior Approaches to the Training and Learning Process
Part Three: Social Systems Issues in Training Research
8. Aging and the Training and Learning Process
9. Retraining Midcareer Workers for the Future Workplace
10. Socialization, Resocialization, and Training: Reframing the Research AgAnda
11. Training the International Assignee
Part Four: Commentaries on the Training Issues
12. A Historical Perspective on Training
13. The AgAnda for Theory and Research
14. Contributions to the Practice of Training
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