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Black Mirror and Philosophy: Dark Reflections




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Black Mirror and Philosophy: Dark Reflections

William Irwin (Series Editor), David Kyle Johnson (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-119-57823-9 November 2019 Wiley-Blackwell 408 Pages

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The Black Mirror Multiverse: An Editor’s Note


00. Black Mirror: What Science Fiction Does Best
By David Kyle Johnson with Leander P. Marquez and Sergio Urueña

Season 1

01. The National Anthem and Weighing Moral Obligations: Is It Ever OK to F*ck a Pig?
By Brian J. Collins with Brandon Boesch

02. Fifteen Million Merits and Fighting the System: How Can We Resist?
By Chris Byron with Matthew Brake

03. The Entire History of You and Knowing Too Much: Should You Want the Grain?
By Gregor Balke and Bart Engelen

Season 2

04. Be Right Back and Rejecting Tragedy: Would You Bring Back Your Deceased Loved One?
By Bradley Richards

05. White Bear and Criminal Punishment: How Far Is Too Far?
By Sid Simpson with Chris Lay

06. The Waldo Moment and Political Discourse: What’s Wrong with Disrespect in Politics?
By Greg Litman

The Christmas Special

07. White Christmas and Technological Restraining Orders: Are Digital Blocks Ethical?
By Laura Haaber Ihle and Cansu Canca

Season 3

08. Nosedive and the Anxieties of Social Media: Is the Future Already Here?
By Sergio Urueña and Nonna Melikyan

09. Playtest and The Power of Virtual Reality: Are Our Fears Real?
By Claire Benn

10. Shut Up and Dance and Vigilante Justice: Should We Ever Take the Law into Our Own Hands?
By Juliele Maria Sievers and Luiz Henrique da Silva Santos

11. San Junipero and the Digital Afterlife: Could Heaven Be a Place on Earth?
By James Cook

12. Men Against Fire and Political Manipulation: How Are We Tricked into Dehumanizing Others?
By Bertha Alvarez Manninen

13. Hated in The Nation and #DeathTo: What are the Consequences of Trial by Twitter?
By Aline Maya

Season 4

14. USS Callister and Non-Player-Characters: How Should We Act in Video Games?
By Russ Hamer with Steven Gubka

15. Arkangel and Parental Surveillance: What are a Parent’s Obligations?
By Catherine Villanueva Gardner with Alexander Christian

16. Crocodile and The Ethics of Self-Preservation: How Far is Too Far?
By Darci Doll

17. Hang the DJ and Digital Dating: Should We Use Computers to Help Us Find Mates?
By Skye C. Cleary and Massimo Pigliucci

18. Metalhead and Technophobia: How Dangerous Will Robots Be?
By Scott Midson with Justin Donhauser

19. Black Museum and Righting Wrongs: Should We Seek Revenge?
By Gregory L. Bock, Jeffrey L. Bock, and Kora Smith


20. Bandersnatch: A Choose Your Own Philosophical Adventure
By Chris Lay and David Kyle Johnson 

Season 5

21. Striking Vipers and Closed Doors: How Meaningful are Sexual Fantasies?
By Daren M. Slade

22. Smithereens and The Economy of Attention: Are We All Dopamine Addicts?
By Pieruca D’Amato

23. Empathy, Emulation, and Ashley Too: Can A Robot Be a Friend?
By George A. Dunn

Black Mirror Reflections

24. Conscious Technology in Black Mirror: Do Cookies Feel Pain? 
By David Gamez with David Kyle Johnson

25. Personal Identity in Black Mirror: Is Your Cookie You?
By Molly Gardner and Robert Slone 

26. Death in Black Mirror: How Should We Deal with Our Mortality?
By Edwardo Pérez and Sergio Genovesi

27. Love in Black Mirror: Who Do We Really Love?
By Robert Grant Price

28. Perception in Black Mirror: Who Controls What You See?
By Brian Stiltner and Anna Vaughn

29. The Dangers of Technology in Black Mirror: A Dialogue Between Uploaded Dead Philosophers
By Ben Springett with Luiz Borges


30. Black Mirror in the Future: Will We Still Be Watching?
By Geoffrey A. Mitelman

Appendix: How to use this book in the classroom