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Cancer: Prevention, Early Detection, Treatment and Recovery, 2nd Edition





Cancer: Prevention, Early Detection, Treatment and Recovery, 2nd Edition

Gary S. Stein, Kimberly P. Luebbers

ISBN: 978-1-118-96288-6 August 2019 Wiley-Blackwell 350 Pages


It has been several years since publication of The Biology and Treatment of Cancer (by Arthur D. Pardee and Gary Stein – Wiley-Blackwell). That book captured the fundamental properties of Cancer Biology and relevant issues associated with treatment of the disease. For this new edition, the editors are interested to include coverage of additional "patient centric" topics and for a presentation of cancer biology with selection of topics, facts, and perspectives with clarity that is maximally comprehendible without a scientific or biomedical background.

Recent advances in understanding cancer have been transformative. Significant breakthroughs in the molecular and cellular basis of cancer have provided strategies for approaching cancer prevention, early detection, treatment incorporating clinical trials and recovery that "make a significant difference".

The authors have been encouraged by colleagues to develop an updated edition of The Biology and Treatment of Cancer that incorporates the recently acquired insight into the genetic and epigenetic parameters of cancer biology and pathology with indications of emerging clinical applications.

This updated edition will present an overview of cancer with emphasis on considerations, mechanisms and options to navigate the emerging “road map” from cancer prevention to early detection, treatment and recovery will be a unique and valued resource for cancer patients and caregivers. Equally important, while there are authoritative and comprehensive books focused on the mechanistic and clinical facets of cancer, this book will be important for the academic and clinical care "markets". There is a requirement for an authoritative overview and perspective of the challenges and opportunities associated with cancer biology, cancer research and the spectrum of clinical considerations that are central to "experiencing cancer" as well as to studying, investigating and treating cancer.

To accommodate the requirements for a book that provides a resource for cancer patients, cancer health care providers and cancer investigators as well as supports academic requirements for broad coverage of cancer for undergraduate, graduate and medical students, Dr. Stein has partnered with his deputy director for the Vermont Cancer Center. Together, they bring experience and perspectives of a Cancer Center Director with longstanding experience in cancer research and a Cancer Center Administrator/Cancer Clinical Trials Director with a background in oncology nursing and dedication to cancer patient care.

They will enlist leaders in cancer research, cancer care and clinical trials to provide accurate and balanced understanding of cancer and the cancer patient. Each chapter will be developed to illustrate the importance of cancer prevention, early detection, treatment and survivorship. Each chapter will relate the significance for a seamless continuum from cancer research to clinical trials and the translation to advancing standards of care that provide a "competitive challenge to cancer" and the emerging transition of cancer from a life threatening to a "treatable disease".

List of Contributors ix

Preface xv

Part I: Cancer and the Cancer Experience 1

1 Cancer and the Cancer Experience 3
Gary S. Stein and Kimberly P. Luebbers

Part II: Current Understanding of Cancer Biology 13

2 Cancer Biology and Pathology 15
G. Premveer Reddy, Lekkala V. Reddy, and Sahn‐Ho Kim

3 Causes of Cancer: Genetic, Epigenetic, Viral, Microenvironmental, and Environmental Contributions to Cancer 53
Michaela Reagan

Part III: A Cancer Diagnosis 75

4 Early Warning Signs 77
Solomon A. Graf and F. Marc Stewart

5 Importance of Imaging for Diagnosis and Treatment of Cancer 89
Kristin DeStigter

6 Cancer Biomarkers 107
Robert H. Getzenberg

7 Molecular Diagnosis 123
Mark F. Evans

Part IV: Navigating the Cancer Experience 145

8 Navigating the Cancer Experience 147
David C. Nalepinski

Part V: Clinical Dimensions to Cancer 167

9 Classification of Tumors, Their Frequency and Progression 169
Richard C. Zieren, Liang Dong, Sarah R. Amend, and Kenneth J. Pienta

10 Cancer Epidemiology: Identifying Cancer Risk 213
Bernard F. Cole, Brian L. Sprague, Thomas P. Ahern, and Judy R. Rees

Part VI: Tumor Types 227

11 Breast Cancer: Unique Characteristics as Targets for Therapy 229
Ogheneruona Apoe, Ted James, Gabriella Szalayova, Amrita Pandit, and Marie E. Wood

12 Prostate Cancer 245
David W. Sobel and Mark K. Plante

13 Gastrointestinal Cancer 259
Kristina Guyton, Baddr Shakhsheer, and Neil Hyman

14 Lung Cancer 271
Farrah B. Khan, C. Matthew Kinsey, and Garth Garrison

15 Pediatric Oncology 285
Jessica L. Heath

16 Leukemia, Lymphoma, and Myeloma 299
Alan Rosmarin

17 GU Oncology: Kidney, Urothelial, and Penile Cancer 317
Scott Perrapato

18 Liver Cancer: Hepatocellular Carcinoma 327
Jennifer LaFemina, Bradley Switzer, and Giles F. Whalen

19 GYN Oncology: Unique Characteristic Targets for Therapy in Gynecologic Cancers 345
Celeste Straight, Leslie Bradford, and Susan Zweizig

20 Testicular Cancer 365
Christopher B. Allard and Michael L. Blute

21 Head and Neck Cancer 379
Kumar G. Prasad, Marion Couch, and Michael Moore

22 Brain and Spinal Cord Tumors 395
Lawrence Recht

23 Thyroid Cancer 415
Frances E. Carr

Part VII: Treatment Options 445

24 Radiation Therapy 447
Thomas J. FitzGerald, Maryann Bishop‐Jodoin, Fran Laurie, Christopher Riberdy, Jesse N. Aronowitz, Elizabeth Bannon, Bruce A. Bornstein, Carla D. Bradford, Harry Bushe, Maria G. Cicchetti, Linda Ding, Jonathan M. Glanzman, David J. Goff, Beth B. Herrick, Jessica R. Hiatt, I‐Lin Kuo, Yuan‐Chyuan Lo, Janaki Moni, Richard S. Pieters, Paul S. Rava, Allison Sacher, Jonathan Saleeby, Shirin Sioshansi, Kenneth Ulin, John M. Varlotto, and Tao Wang

25 Radiation Therapy – The Patient Experience 463
Harold James Wallace, III

26 Pain Management in Cancer 481
Carlos A. Pino

27 Complementary and Alternative Medicine 499
Phil Trabulsy

28 Gene Therapy 531
Mai K. ElMallah, Michael Kalfopolous, and Terence R. Flotte

Part VIII: Patient Resources 553

29 Cancer‐Center‐Based Care 555
George J. Weiner

30 Supportive Care 563
Kathleen McBeth

31 Investigating Cancer Sentiments across Social Media 573
Eric M. Clark, W. Christian Crannell, Jesse Moore, Ted James, Mitchell Norotsky, and Chris A. Jones

Part IX: The Path to Reducing the Cancer Burden: Prevention, Early Detection, Recovery, Survivorship 591

32 Cancer Genetics: Risk Assessment 593
Wendy McKinnon

33 Cancer Prevention: Diet, Nutrition, and Lifestyle 603
Jean R. Harvey

34 Cancer Survivorship 617
David Cranmer

35 The Tools of Advocacy in Cancer Prevention, Early Detection, Recovery, and Treatment 621
Jill Sudhoff‐Guerin

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