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Children and Youth with Complex Cerebral Palsy: Care and Management




Children and Youth with Complex Cerebral Palsy: Care and Management

Laurie Glader, Richard Stevenson

ISBN: 978-1-909-96298-9 February 2019 404 Pages


Children with complex cerebral palsy (typically, but not always, GMFCS levels IV and V) require skilled management and extensive expertise which can be overwhelming or intimidating for many clinical practitioners. This book explores management of the many medical comorbidities these children encounter, including orthopedic concerns, mobility and equipment needs, cognition and sensory impairment, difficult behaviors, seizures, respiratory complications and nutritional challenges, among many others.

Summary points at the end of each chapter provide at-a-glance access to key recommendations. In addition, an Appendix provides adaptable care tools to guide clinicians in evaluation, preventive care and crisis management.

Importantly, the book includes contributions from parents of children with cerebral palsy and youth with cerebral palsy, providing unique and critical wisdom for family-centred care.  Parents and families of children and youth with complex cerebral palsy will particularly appreciate the inclusion of chapters on adolescence, transition to adulthood, and growing up, growing well with cerebral palsy.

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1. Overview and Introduction                                               

Richard Stevenson and Laurie Glader


2. Functional Assessment and Goals of Management          

Jilda N Vargus-Adams and Andrea L Paulson


3. Hypertonia                                                

Darcy Fehlings, Anne Kawamura, Cecilia Lee and

Amber Makino


4. Musculoskeletal/Orthopedic Management                      

Mark J Romness and Victor Anciano


5. Seating, Mobility, and Equipment Needs 

Christopher D Lunsford and Jonathan Greenwood


6. Osteoporosis and Fractures                                              

Steven J Bachrach and Heidi H Kecskemethy


7. Feeding and Nutrition                                                       

Valentina Intagliata, Eva Delaney and Mary C Bickley


8. Gastrointestinal Issues                                                      

Beate Beinvogl and Munir Mobassaleh


9. Overview of Pulmonary and Sleep Disorders in

Children with Complex Cerebral Palsy          

Umakanth Katwa and Sebastian K Welsh


10. Speech and Communication                   

John M Costello and Elizabeth N Rose


11. Cognitive and Sensory Impairment         

Katheryn F Frazier


12.Challenging Behaviors, Sleep and Toileting

Alisa Bahl and Kurt A Freeman


13. Mental health in Children and Adolescents with

Cerebral Palsy                        

Kerim M Munir and Ikram Rustamov


14. Pain and Irritability                                                          

Julie Hauer


15. Seizures and Epilepsy in Children with Cerebral


John R Mytinger and Howard P Goodkin


16. Urologic Issues                                                                

Stuart Bauer


17. Adolescence and Sexuality                                              

Susan Hayden Gray


18. Transition to Adulthood                                      

Kitty O'Hare and Claudio Melo de Gusmao


19. Evidence Based Care: A Tool Chest for Helping

Families Navigate Treatment Options           

Lisa Samson-Fang


20. Difficult Topics and Decision Making      

Jim Plews-Ogan and Richard I Grossberg


21. Through the Eyes of Parents                                           

Michele Shusterman, Carol Shrader and

Jennifer Lyman


22. Growing up, Growing Well with Cerebral Palsy

Andrew J Smith, Chelsea Strawser, Benjamin

Schrader, Jaylan Norfleet and Garey Noritz              



Appendix:  Care Tools for Clinical Practice