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Coronal Mass Ejections

Coronal Mass Ejections

Nancy Crooker (Editor), Jo Ann Joselyn (Editor), Joan Feynman (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-118-66437-7 March 2013 American Geophysical Union 299 Pages

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Published by the American Geophysical Union as part of the Geophysical Monograph Series, Volume 99.

The early 1970's can be said to mark the beginning of The Enlightenment in the history of the Space Age, literally as well as by analogy to European history. Instruments blinded by Earth's atmosphere were lifted above and, for the first time, saw clearly and continuously the ethereal white light and sparkling x-rays from the solar corona. From these two bands of the light spectrum came images of coronal mass ejections and coronal holes, respectively. But whereas coronal holes were immediately identified as the source of high-speed solar wind streams, at first coronal mass ejections were greeted only by a sense of wonder. It took years of research to identify their signatures in the solar wind before the fastest ones could be identified with the well-known shock disturbances that cause the most violent space storms.

Nancy Crooker, Jo Ann Joselyn, Joan Feynman ix

An Introduction
A. J. Hundhausen 1

Coronal Mass Ejections: An Overview
J. T. Gosling 9

Solar Views

Observations of CMEs fr om SOHO/LASCO
R. A. Howard, G.E. Brueckner, 0. C. St. Cyr, D. A.. Biesecker, K.P. Dere, M. J. Koomen, C. M. Korendyke, P. L. Lamy, A. Llebaria, M. V. Bout, D. J. Michels, J. D. Moses, S. E. Paswaters, S. P. Plunkett, R. Schwenn, G. M. Simnett, D. G. Socker, S. J. Tappin, and D. Wang 17

Soft X-Ray Signatures of Coronal Ejections
Hugh S. Hudson and David F. Webb 27


The Role of Coronal Mass Ejections in Solar Activity
B. C. Low 39

Evolving Magnetic Structures and Their Relation t o Coronal Mass Ejections
Joan Feynman 49

The Initiation of Coronal Mass Ejections by Magnetic Shear
Zoran Mikic and Jon A. Linker 57

Coronal Mass Ejections: Causes and Consequences—A Theoretical View
James Chen 65

A Self-Consistent Numerical Magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) Model of Helmet Streamer and
Flux-Rope Interactions: Initiation and Propagation o f Coronal Mass Ejections (CMEs)
S. T. Wu and W. P. Guo 83

Solar and Interplanetary Topology

Solar Magnetic Topologies and Reconnection
P. Demoulin 91

Opening Solar Magnetic Fields: Some Analytical and Numerical MHD Aspects
T. Amari, J. F. Luciani, J. J. Aly, and Z. Mikic 101

The Topology and Instability of Complex Magnetic Fields
Aaron William Longbottom 111

Helicity Conservation
D. M. Rust 119

Predicting the Sign of Magnetic Helicity in Erupting Filaments and Coronal Mass Ejections
S. F. Martin and A. H. McAllister 127

The Field Configuration of Magnetic Clouds and the Solar Cycle
V. Bothmer and D. M. Rust 137

Interplanetary Magnetic Flux Ropes and Solar Filaments
K. Mambashi 147

Magnetic Clouds
Vladimir Osherovich and L. F. Burlaga 157

Flux Ropes and Spheromaks: A Numerical Study
M. Vandas, S. Fischer, D. Odstrcil, M. Dryer, Z. Smith, and T. Detman 169

Recent Work on Modelling the Global Field Line Topology of Interplanetary Magnetic Clouds
C. J. Farrugia 111

Using Energetic Particles to Probe the Magnetic Topology of Ejecta
I. G. Richardson 189

Using Charged Particles to Trace Interplanetary Magnetic Field Topology
S. W. Kahler 197

Energetic Particle Acceleration

The Current Status in Our Understanding of Energetic Particles, Coronal Mass Ejections, and Flares
H. V. Cane 205

Energetic Particles and the Structure of Coronal Mass Ejections
Donald V. Reames 111

Particle Acceleration and Transport at CME-Driven Shocks
Martin A. Lee 227

Interplanetary Views and Effects at Earth

Mass Ejections Observed in Radio Propagation Measurements Through the Solar Corona
Ricliard Woo 235

Particle and Field Signatures of Coronal Mass Ejections in the Solar Wind
Marcia Neugebauer and Raymond Goldstein 245

Minor Ion Composition in CME-Related Solar Wind
A. B. Galvin 253

Global Modeling of CME Propagation in the Solar Wind
V. J. Pizzo 261

Extending Coronal Models to Earth Orbit
Jon A. Linker and Zoran Mikic 269

Coronal Mass Ejections, Corotating Interaction Regions, and Geomagnetic Storms
A. H. McAllister and N. U. Crooker 279

CMEs and Space Weather
J. G. Luhman 291