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Essential Clinical Neuroanatomy

Thomas H. Champney

ISBN: 978-1-118-43997-5 June 2015 Wiley-Blackwell 320 Pages


Essential Clinical Neuroanatomy is an accessible introduction to regional and functional neuroanatomy, which cuts through the jargon to help you engage with the key concepts. Beautifully presented in full color, with hundreds of annotated illustrations and images, Essential Clinical Neuroanatomy begins with an introductory section on the regional aspects of the topic, then discusses each structure in detail in relation to function. Clinical examples are provided throughout, to reinforce the concepts learned and highlight their clinical relevance.

Essential Clinical Neuroanatomy

  • Features a dedicated chapter on the use of imaging studies used in clinical neuroanatomy, including how to evaluate these images
  • Highlights topics important to clinical medicine, but often neglected in other neuroanatomy texts, such as trauma, infection and congenital considerations
  • All illustrations and images are oriented in the clinical view, so the correlation between drawings, photomicrographs and clinical imaging is standardized and there is a seamless transition between illustrations containing basic neuroanatomical information and the relevant clinical imaging
  • The functional aspects of neuroanatomical structures are color-coded (green = sensory; red = motor; purple = autonomic), so that structure to function relationships can be more easily learned and retained
  • Includes self-assessment and thought questions in every chapter
  • Supported by a companion website at featuring fully downloadable images, flashcards, and a self-assessment question bank with USMLE-compatible multiple-choice questions

Essential Clinical Neuroanatomy is the perfect resource for medical and health science students taking a course on neuroanatomy, as part of USMLE teaching and as an on-going companion during those first steps in clinical practice.

Preface vi

Acknowledgments vii

About the companion website viii

Part 1: Neuroanatomy of the Central Nervous System

1 Overview of the nervous system 3

2 Blood vessels, meninges, and ventricles 20

3 Neurodevelopment 39

4 Spinal cord 49

5 Medulla oblongata 61

6 Pons 77

7 Midbrain 95

8 Diencephalon 107

9 Telencephalon 119

10 Cerebellum 131

11 Spinal tracts 145

Part 2: The Sensory, Motor, and Integration Systems

12 Visual system 175

13 Auditory and vestibular system 192

14 Olfaction and taste 210

15 Central motor control 219

16 Limbic system 235

17 Cortical integration 245

18 Imaging essentials 259

Answers to study questions 268

Answers to figures 275

Glossary 278

Index 301

Essential Clinical Neuroanatomy Companion website  features fully downloadable images, flashcards, and a self-assessment question bank with USMLE-compatible multiple-choice questions