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ABC of Autism

Munib Haroon


Psychosis, Trauma and Dissociation: Evolving Perspectives on Severe Psychopathology, 2nd Edition

Andrew Moskowitz, Martin J. Dorahy, Ingo Schäfer


Our Psychiatric Future

Nikolas Rose


Sleep Disorders in Neurology: A Practical Approach, 2nd Edition

Sebastiaan Overeem, Paul Reading


Rapid Psychiatry, 2nd Edition

Clare Oakley, Amit Malik


The Maudsley Prescribing Guidelines in Psychiatry, 13th Edition

David M. Taylor, Thomas R. E. Barnes, Allan H. Young


Rutter's Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, 6th Edition

Anita Thapar, Daniel S. Pine, James F. Leckman, Stephen Scott, Margaret J. Snowling, Eric A. Taylor


The Wiley Handbook of Disruptive and Impulse-Control Disorders

John E. Lochman, Walter Matthys


CBT for Hoarding Disorder: A Group Therapy Program Workbook

David F. Tolin, Blaise L. Worden, Bethany M. Wootton, Christina M. Gilliam