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Business Sustainability, Corporate Governance, and Organizational Ethics





Business Sustainability, Corporate Governance, and Organizational Ethics

Zabihollah Rezaee, Timothy Fogarty

ISBN: 978-1-119-60145-6 November 2019 992 Pages

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An in-depth, single-volume resource on current standards, research, practice, and education in the field

Organizations worldwide are experiencing increased pressure from investors, lawmakers, and regulators to improve their corporate governance, business sustainability and corporate culture. The profit -with-purpose concept is gaining momentum in the business and investment communities in promoting creation of shared value for all stakeholders. Corporations are expected to generate required financial returns for shareholders and have desired social and environmental impacts while conducting their business ethically. Additionally, the social, ethical, and environmental performance of corporations are subject to intense scrutiny in today’s business environment. More than ever before, society is holding public companies accountable for their business activities and their financial reporting process. As colleges and universities continue to develop relevant curriculum, the importance of ethical conduct, business sustainability, and corporate governance is receiving increased attention from the general public, regulators, accounting professionals, and academics. Business Sustainability, Corporate Governance, and Organizational Ethics is a contemporary examination of emerging educational topics that continue to gain acceptance in business schools around the globe in training and preparing the most ethical and competent future business leaders. 

Divided into four modules, this authoritative book first covers three introductory chapters. The second module presents business sustainability, sustainability principles, theories, standards as well as sustainability factors of performance in all five economic, governance, social, ethical and environmental dimensions, sustainability reporting and assurance, sustainability risk assessment, and sustainability research and education. The third module explores corporate governance—including its oversight, managerial, compliance, advisory, auditing, and monitoring functions—and discusses its integration with accounting research and business curricula. The importance of business, professional, and workplace ethics, and corporate culture is illustrated in the book’s final module. Reflecting the most current information in the field, this book:

  • Addresses the latest revisions to the AACSB Accreditation Standards
  • Discusses the role business schools play in providing coverage of business sustainability, corporate governance and organizational ethics education
  • Covers five dimensions of business sustainability performance: economic, governance, social, ethics, and environmental (EGSEE) and sustainability reporting and assurance
  • Provides a framework for discussing important functions of corporate governance such as oversight, managerial, compliance, auditing, advisory and monitoring
  • Discusses current trends in organizational ethics research and education

Business Sustainability, Corporate Governance, and Organizational Ethics is an important resource for business students, financial, managerial accounting and auditing students, corporations and their directors and executives, regulators, researchers, and those in relevant areas of academia.





Module I: Free Enterprise System and Financial Markets

Chapter 1: Free Enterprise System, Financial Markets and Corporate Culture

Chapter 2: The Role and Responsibility of Business in Society

Chapter 3: Introduction to Business Sustainability, Corporate Governance and Organizational Ethics

Module II: Business Sustainability

Chapter 4: Business Sustainability

Chapter 5: Sustainability Principles, Theories, Research and Education

Chapter 6: Drivers and Sources of Business Sustainability Initiatives

Chapter 7: Financial Economic Dimension of Sustainability

Chapter 8: Non-Financial Dimensions of Sustainability

Chapter 9: Business Sustainability Performance Reporting, Assurance

Chapter 10: Emerging Issues in Sustainability Performance, Reporting and Assurance

Module III: Corporate Governance

Chapter 11: An Introduction to Corporate Governance

Chapter 12: Fundamentals of Corporate Governance

Chapter 13: Oversight Function

Chapter 14: Board Committees

Chapter 15: Managerial Function

Chapter 16: Compliance Function

Chapter 17: External Auditing Function

Chapter 18: Internal Auditing Function

Chapter 19: Legal and advisory Function

Chapter 20: Monitory Function

Chapter 21: Corporate Governance of Private and Not-For-Profit Organizations

Chapter 22: Corporate Governance, Performance, Information Technology, Research, Education and Reporting

Chapter 23: Transformation of Corporate Governance, Contemporary Issues and Global Perspectives

Module IV: Organizational ethics

Chapter 24: Overview of Business Ethics

Chapter 25: Where Ethics Comes From: Gazing at the Human Conditions

Chapter 26: How People Make Ethical Decisions

Chapter 27: Ethics as Corporate Culture

Chapter 28: The Institutionalization of the Ethical Corporation

Chapter 29: Emerging Business Ethics Issues

Chapter 30: Ethical Leadership