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Combinatorial Chemistry: From Theory to Application, 2nd, Revised and Expanded Edition




Combinatorial Chemistry: From Theory to Application, 2nd, Revised and Expanded Edition



The new edition of this practice-oriented handbook features thoroughly updated contents, including recent developments in parallel synthesis.
A new chapter on screening complements the overview of combinatorial strategy and synthetic methods.

"Experimental details and complete reaction data [...] are a constant theme running through this work"
(Angewandte Chemie)

"Recommended to newcomers in the field of combinatorial chemical synthesis because of its broad scope"
(Journal of the American Chemical Society)
Purification Principles in High-Speed Solution Phase Synthesis
(S. Weinbrenner, C. Tzschucke)
Linkers for Solid-Phase Organic Synthesis (SPOS) and Combinatorial Approaches on Solid Support
(W. Bannwarth)
Cyclative Cleavage -
A Versatile Concept in Solid-Phase Organic Chemistry
(J. Pernerstorfer)
C-C Bond Forming Reactions
(W. Brill, G. Papeo)
Combinatorial Synthesis of Heterocycles
(E. Felder, A. Marzinzik)
Polymer-Supported Reagents: Preparation and Use in Parallel Organic Synthesis
(B. Hinzen, M. Hahn)
Encoding Strategies for Combinatorial Libraries
(B. Hinzen)
Automation and Devices for Combinatorial Chemistry and Parallel Organic Synthesis
(C. Zechel)
Computer-Assisted Library Design
(A. Dominik)
Assays for High Throughput Screening in Drug Discovery
(C. Apfel, T. Enderle)
Appendix: Cheminformatics and Web Resources for Combinatorial Chemistry

"…this well-presented book provides a guide for the practicing organic chemist to readily implement a combinatorial approach." (CHOICE, January 2007)

"This volume is an excellent addition to the series, and it will become a standard reference text for chemists, particularly those involved in drug discovery." (Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, December 28, 2006)

"…the reviewer recommends this book to anyone who is interested in combinatorial chemistry or in the screening of small molecules in drug discovery." (Synthesis, September 2006)