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In Situ Monitoring of Aquatic Systems: Chemical Analysis and Speciation

Jacques Buffle (Editor), George Horvai (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-471-48979-5 October 2000 642 Pages



This outstanding volume enables researchers to develop robust sensors and instruments for automatic 'on site' measurement of water quality. The need for an efficient multi-parameter monitoring system is ever-increasing, given that human activity is impacting so greatly on ecosystems and the increased need to develop our understanding of the underlying environmental processes.

Edited by two renowned experts, this book evaluates developments over the last 10-20 years which will form the basis of future sophisticated in situ monitoring systems. The emphasis is on micro-analytical monitoring techniques and microtechnology.

* Critically discusses the state of the art of existing techniques and devices
* Overviews what can be expected in terms of performance
* Outlines possible improvements in the future
This book will be invaluable to both researchers interested in the development of environmental monitoring systems and laboratories in charge of water quality assessment by providing them with a critical evaluation of existing and possible future options.

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General Concepts (J. Buffle & G. Horvai).

Electrochemical and Optical Oxygen Microsensors for In Situ Measurements (R. Glud, et al.).

Sensors for In Situ pH and pCO_2 Measurements in Seawater and at the Sediment-Water Interface (W. Cai & C. Reimers).

Sensors for In Situ Analysis of Sulfide in Aquatic Systems (M. Kühl & C. Steuckart).

Potentiometric Microsensors for In Situ Measurements in Aquatic Environments (D. De Beer).

Biosensors for Analysis of Water, Sludge and Sediments with Emphasis on Microscale Biosensors (N. Revsbech, et al.).

Continuous Flow Techniques for On Site and In Situ Measurements of Metals and Nutrients in Sea Water (K. Johnson, et al.).

Dynamic Aspects of In Situ Speciation Processes and Techniques (H. van Leeuwen).

In Situ Voltammetry: Concepts and Practice for Trace Analysis and Speciation (J. Buffle & M-L. Tercier-Waeber).

Permeation Liquid Membranes for Field Analysis and Speciation of Trace Compounds in Waters (J. Buffle, et al.).

Dialysis, DET and DGT: In Situ Diffusional Techniques for Studying Water, Sediments and Soils (W. Davison, et al.).

Microtechnology for the Development of In Situ Microanalytical Systems (G. Fiaccabrino, et al.).