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Person-Centred Practice in Nursing and Health Care: Theory and Practice, 2nd Edition




Person-Centred Practice in Nursing and Health Care: Theory and Practice, 2nd Edition

Brendan McCormack (Editor), Tanya McCance (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-118-99058-2 July 2016 Wiley-Blackwell 288 Pages


Person-centred Practice in Nursing and Health Care is a comprehensive and practical resource for all nurses and healthcare practitioners who want to develop person-centred ways of working.  This second edition which builds on the original text Person Centred Nursing, has been significantly revised and expanded to provide a timely and topical exploration of an important subject which underpins all nursing and healthcare, edited by internationally renowned experts in the field.

Person-centred Practice in Nursing and Health Care looks at the importance of person-centred practice (PCP) from a variety of practice, strategic, and policy angles, exploring how the principles of PCP underpin a variety of perspectives, including within leadership and in the curriculum.  The book explores not only a range of methodologies, but also covers a variety of different healthcare settings and contexts, including working within mental health services, acute care, nursing homes, the community, and working with children and people with disabilities.

Key features:

  • Significantly updated and expanded since the previous edition, taking into account the considerable changes in recent health care advancements, including the ‘Francis’ report
  • Builds on previous perspectives of person-centredness in nursing and applies them in a broader nursing and health care context
  • Includes a stronger exploration on the role of the service-user
  • Shows the use of life-story and narrative approaches as a way of putting the individual’s identity at the heart of the care relationship
  • Includes learning features such as links to current practice developments and reflective questions

List of contributors ix

Foreword xiii

Acknowledgements xv

1 Introduction 1
Brendan McCormack and Tanya McCance

Section I: A framework for person-centred practice

2 Underpinning principles of person-centred practice 13
Brendan McCormack and Tanya McCance

3 The Person-centred Practice Framework 36
Tanya McCance and Brendan McCormack

Section II: The building blocks to enable person-centredness

4 Person-centred approaches: a policy perspective 67
Jon Glasby

5 Person-centredness in nursing strategy and policy 77
Annette Solman and Val Wilson

6 Person-centred nursing leadership 86
Shaun Cardiff

7 Person-centred nursing education 99
Deirdre O’Donnell, Neal Cook and Pauline Black

8 Person-centred research 118
Belinda Dewar, Aisling McBride and Cathy Sharp

Section III: Developing person-centred cultures: a practice development approach

9 An overview of practice development 133
Kim Manley

10 Creating flourishing workplaces 150
Jan Dewing and Brendan McCormack

11 Helping health-care practitioners to flourish: critical companionship at work 162
Angie Titchen and Karen Hammond

12 Navigating organisational change: being a person-centred facilitator 172
Famke van Lieshout

Section IV: Adapting the principles of person-centred practice

13 A narrative approach to person-centredness with older people in residential long-term care 183
Catherine Buckley

14 Person-centred health services for children 193
Val Wilson and Annette Solman

15 Meeting the challenges of person-centredness in acute care 205
Christine Boomer and Tanya McCance

16 Person-centredness, recovery and user involvement in mental health services 215
Marit Borg and Bengt Karlsson

17 Weathering the seasons of practice development: moving towards a person-centred culture in complex continuing care 225
Nadine Janes, Barbara Cowie, Jennifer Haynes, Penney Deratnay, Shannon Burke and Barbara Bell

18 Person-centred community nursing 236
Caroline Dickson

19 Person-centredness in palliative care 248
Antonia Lannie and Lorna Peelo-Kilroe

20 A considered reflection and re-presenting the Person-centred Practice Framework 259
Tanya McCance and Brendan McCormack

Index 265

"The book is a simple and easy read. However, it clearly states the importance of patient-centered practice and is filled with pertinent examples of how readers can use this framework in every nursing/healthcare setting." (Doody Enterprises, 2016)