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The Globalization Reader, 6th Edition





The Globalization Reader, 6th Edition

Frank J. Lechner, John Boli

ISBN: 978-1-119-40994-6 November 2019 Wiley-Blackwell 632 Pages

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An introduction to the issues surrounding the complex and controversial realities of today's interconnected world, the revised sixth edition

Since its initial publication, The Globalization Reader has been lauded for its comprehensive coverage of the issues surrounding globalization. Now in its sixth edition, the Reader has been thoroughly revised and updated and continues to review the most important global trends. Including readings by a variety of authors, the text offers a wide-ranging and authoritative introduction to the political, economic, cultural, and experiential aspects of globalization. 

The updated sixth edition presents the most accessible and comprehensive review of current debates and research. Contributions from scholars, activists, and organizations provide balanced viewpoints and expert coverage of the many aspects of globalization. The Globalization Reader offers readings on an exciting range of new topics as well as retaining key globalization topics such as the experience of globalization, economic and political globalization, the role of media and religion in cultural globalization, women’s rights, environmentalism, global civil society, and the alternative globalization movement. This important resource:

  • Covers the many complex dimensions of globalization
  • Includes contributions from many of the most prominent globalization scholars
  • Presents concise and informative introductions to each major topic
  • Offers compelling discussion questions for each section
  • Contains readings on a variety of new topics such as migration, medical tourism, state policy regarding abortion and same-sex sexual relations, the UN Global Compact, climate justice, and more

Written for students in undergraduate and graduate courses in sociology, political science, anthropology and geography, the revised sixth edition covers courses such as globalization, comparative political economy, international relations and similar topics.


edited by Frank J. Lechner and John Boli

Table of Contents, November 2017


 DELETIONS in fifth edition are items marked by strikethrough

  • ADDITIONS to fifth edition are items printed in boldface
 Table of Contents

 Sources and Acknowledgments
 Preface to the Sixth Edition
 General Introduction

Part I Debating Globalization


 1          The Hidden Promise: Liberty Renewed

            John Micklethwait and Adrian Wooldridge

 2          How to Judge Globalism

            Amartya Sen

 3          The Elusive Concept of Globalization

            Cees J. Hamelink

 4          Jihad vs. McWorld

            Benjamin Barber

 5          The Clash of Civilizations?

            Samuel P. Huntington

             The Millennium Development Goals Report 2015

United Nations

Part I Questions

 Part II Explaining Globalization


 6          The Modern World-System as a Capitalist World-Economy

            Immanuel Wallerstein

 7          Sociology of the Global System

            Leslie Sklair

 8          A Brief History of Neoliberalism

            David Harvey

 9          World Society and the Nation-State

            John W. Meyer, John Boli, George M. Thomas, and Francisco O. Ramirez

 10        Globalization as a Problem

            Roland Robertson

 11        Disjuncture and Difference in the Global Cultural Economy

            Arjun Appadurai

 Part II Questions

 Part III Experiencing Globalization


12        Waves in the History of Globalization

            Frank J. Lechner

13        How Sushi Went Global

            Theodore Bestor

14        McDonald’s in Hong Kong

            James L. Watson

15        The Transnational Villagers

            Peggy Levitt

            Virtual Migration: The Programming of Globalization  

            A. Aneesh

 16        The Great Game and the Informal Empire

            David Goldblatt         

 17        Fear and Money in Dubai

            Mike Davis

Outpatients: The Astonishing New World of Medical Tourism 

Sasha Issenberg

18        An Anthropology of Structural Violence

            Paul Farmer

19        Crazy Like Us: The Globalization of the American Psyche 

            Ethan Watters


Part III Questions

 Part IV Globalization and the World Economy   


 20        China Makes, The World Takes

            James Fallows

 21        Commodity Chains and Marketing Strategies: Nike and the Global Athletic Footwear Industry

            Miguel Korzeniewicz

 22        The Global Economy: Organization, Governance, and Development

            Gary Gereffi

             The Sticky Superpower

              The Economist

 23        Global Inequality by the Numbers:  In History and Now: An Overview

            Branco Milanovic

 24        The Bottom Billion: Why the Poorest Countries Are Failing and What Can Be Done

            About It

            Paul Collier

 25        The Global Financial Crisis and Its Effects

            Malcolm Edey

 26        The Twin Excesses – Financialization and Globalization – Caused the Crash

            Ashok Bardhan

 27        Globalism’s Discontents

            Joseph E. Stiglitz

 Part IV Questions

 Part V Globalization and the Nation-State           


 28        The Declining Authority of States

            Susan Strange

 29        Global Organized Crime

            James H. Mittelman

 30        Has Globalization Gone Too Far?

            Dani Rodrik

 31        Welfare Spending in an Era of Globalization: The North South Divide

            John Glenn                     

32        World Culture and the Future of Schooling

            David P. Baker and Gerald K. LeTendre

           The Individualization of Society and the Liberalization of State Policies on

            Same-Sex Sexual Relations, 1984-1995

            David John Frank and Elizabeth H. McEneaney

             Abortion Liberalization in World Society, 1960-2009

            Elizabeth Heger Boyle, Minzee Kim, and Wesley Longhofer

Part V Questions       

PART VI Global Governance         


33        The International Monetary Fund

            James Vreeland          

34        The Future of the Multilateral Trade System – What Role for the World Trade Organization?

             Ann Capling and Richard Higgott                      

35        A New World Order

           Anne-Marie Slaughter 

36        ISO and the Infrastructure for a Global Market

           Craig N. Murphy/JoAnne Yates

37        Global Health Governance:  A Conceptual Review,

            Richard Dodgson, Kelley Lee, Nick Drager

 38        The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s Grant-making Programme for Global Health

             David McCoy, Gayatri Kembhavi, Jinesh Patel, Akish Luintel

             IMPACT: Transforming Business, Changing the World - The United Nations Global Compact

             DNV GL Group and United Nations Global Compact

Part VI Questions

Part VII Globalization, INGOs, and Civil Society


 39        The Emergence and Transformation of the International Women’s Movement

            Nitza Berkovitch

            NGOs and Climate Crisis: Fragmentation, Lines of Conflict and Strategic


            Barbara Unmüßig

 40        The Evolution of Debates over Female Genital Cutting

            Elizabeth Heger Boyle

 41        Women’s Human Rights and the Muslim Question: Iran’s One Million Signatures


             Rebecca L. Barlow

 42        World Culture in the World Polity: A Century of International Non-Governmental Organization

            John Boli and George M. Thomas

 43        Closing the Corruption Casino: The Imperatives of a Multilateral Approach

            Peter Eigen

 44        Trading Diamonds Responsibly: Institutional Explanations for Corporate Social             Responsibility

            Franziska Bieri and John Boli

 45        Poverty Capital: Microfinance and the Making of Development

            Ananya Roy

  Part VII Questions

 Part VIII Globalization and Media


 46        Cultural Imperialism

            John Tomlinson

 47        Mapping Global Media Flow and Contra-flow

            Daya Kishan Thussu

 48        Hybridity and the Rise of Korean Popular Culture in Asia

            Doobo Shim

 Landing of the Wave: Hallyu in Peru and Brazil

Nusta Corranza Ko, Song No, Jeong-Nam Kim, and Ronald Gobbi Simões

49        Watching Big Brother at Work:  A Production Study of Big Brother Australia

            Jane Roscoe

 50        Bollywood versus Hollywood: Battle of the Dream Factories

            Heather Tyrrell

 51        Why Hollywood Rules the World, and Whether We Should Care

            Tyler Cowen

 Part VIII Questions

 Part IX Globalization and Religions


 52        Bin Laden and Other Thoroughly Modern Muslims

            Charles Kurzman

53        Globalised Islam: The Search for a New Ummah

            Olivier Roy

 54        The Christian Revolution

            Philip Jenkins

 55        American Evangelicals: The Overlooked Globalizers and Their Unintended Gospel of Modernity

            Joshua J. Yates

 56        Globalizing Catholicism and the Return to a “Universal” Church

            José Casanova

 57        Religious Rejections of Globalization

            Frank J. Lechner

            The Decontexualization of Asian Religious Practices in the Context of


            Brooke Schedneck

  Part IX Questions

 Part X Globalization and Identity


 58        Moral Choices and Global Desires: Feminine Identity in a Transnational Realm

            Ernestine McHugh

 59        Global/Indian: Cultural Politics in the IT Workplace

Smitha Radhakrishnan

 60        Strategic Inauthenticity

Timothy Taylor

 61        Orange Nation: Soccer and National Identity in the Netherlands

Frank J. Lechner

 62        Cosmopolitans and Locals in World Culture

Ulf Hannerz

 63        World Citizenship Defined

World Service Authority

           Cosmopolitanism & Humanism

           C. Martin Centner

 Part X Questions 

Part XI Global Environmentalism


 64        Greenpeace and Political Globalism

            Paul Wapner

 65        Environmental Advocacy Networks

            Margaret E. Keck and Kathryn Sikkink

 66        Toward Democratic Governance for Sustainable Development:  Transnational Civil Society Organizing around Big Dams

            Sanjeev Khagram

 67        Ozone Depletion

            Pamela S. Chasek, David L. Downie, Janet Welsh Brown

 68        Forest Stewardship Council

            Kristina Tamm Hallström and Magnus Boström

            Movements for Climate Justice in the US and Worldwide

            Brian Tokar

 69        Speech of the IPCC Chairman, Rajendra K. Pachauri, at the opening session of the

            World Economic Forum, Davos, Switzerland

            Rajendra K. Pachauri

 Part XI Questions

 Part XII Contesting Globalization: Alternatives and Opposition


 70        Counterhegemonic Globalization

            Peter Evans

 71        The Global Justice Movement

            Geoffrey Pleyers

            The Twelve Assumptions of an Alter-Globalisation Strategy

            Gustave Massiah

 72        The Global South: The WTO and Deglobalization

             Walden Bello

  73        Ecological Balance in an Era of Globalization

            Vandana Shiva

 74        Tomorrow Begins Today

            Subcomandante Marcos

 75        Porto Alegre Call for Mobilization

            World Social Forum

 76        A Better World is Possible

            International Forum on Globalization

             When and Why Nationalism Beats Globalism

             Jonathan Haidt

             The Globalization of Rage: Why Today’s Extremism Looks Familiar

              Pankaj Mishra

 Part XII Questions