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The Program: Lessons From Elite Military Units for Creating and Sustaining High Performance Leaders and Teams


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The Program: Lessons From Elite Military Units for Creating and Sustaining High Performance Leaders and Teams

Eric Kapitulik, Jake MacDonald

ISBN: 978-1-119-57430-9 September 2019 304 Pages

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Discover the military’s keys to excellent leadership and team building training

The Program: Lessons From Elite Military Units for Creating and Sustaining High Performing Leaders and Teams offers a hands-on guide to the winning techniques and tactics of The Program, the acclaimed team building and leadership development company. Drawing on the actual experiences of The Program’s instructors from their personal combat stories to working with world-class athletic teams and successful corporations, the book clearly shows how The Program’s training operations can help to achieve life goals and ambitions.

The Program offers a road map that contains illustrative examples, ideas, and approaches for improving teammates and leaders at all levels within an organization of any size or type.

  • Bring your organization to the next level of success
  • Discover how to hold your leaders and teammates to the highest standards
  • Understand how accountability increases effectiveness
  • Learn to communicate effectively 

This important book explores the military’s leadership and team building concepts that can be implemented to ensure an organization creates and sustains performance that adheres to the highest standards of excellence. 


Section 1 Creating a Championship Culture

Chapter 1 The Fundamentals of a Championship Culture

Chapter 2 Determining “Best”

Chapter 3 Defining “Best”

Chapter 4 Core Means Core!

Chapter 5 Recruiting and Hiring “Best”

Chapter 6 Talent Still Matters

Chapter 7 Determining Goals:

Chapter 8 When You Face a Hairpin Turn In the Road

Chapter 9 Determining Standards

Chapter 10 A Commitment to Goals & Standards

Chapter 11 Hold “Best” People Accountable

Section 2 Being a Valued Teammate

Chapter 12 A Special Operations Teammate

Chapter 13 Meet the Standards Be a Thumb Guy (or Girl)!

Chapter 14 Do Your Job! Agreed. Kinda…

Chapter 15 Winning Still Matters

Chapter 16 Great Teammates Hold Each Other Accountable

Chapter 17 We Have Seen the Enemy

Chapter 18 The Price of Not Holding Teammates Accountable

Chapter 19 The Benefit of Team Accountability

Chapter 20 Nice and Kind

Chapter 21 How to Be Kind

Chapter 22 Wash Your Hands! Developing a Culture of Accountable

Chapter 23 Do NOT “Lead by Example”

Chapter 24 Consistency Builds Trust

Chapter 25 Friend or Teammate?

Section 3 Becoming a Strong Team Leader

Chapter 26 Wild Goose Chase

Chapter 27 What is and isn’t Leadership? and Who are and aren’t Leaders?

Chapter 28 What is the Mission?

Chapter 29 The First Standard of a Leader Accomplish the Mission

Chapter 30 Figuring out How

Chapter 31 The Little Things Take Care of the Big Things.

Chapter 32 The Second Standard of a Leader Take Care of Your Teammates

Chapter 33 Mission First. People Always.

Chapter 34 Controlled and uncontrolled environments.

Chapter 35 Developing Leaders

Chapter 36 The Power of Delegation

Chapter 37 The Roles of a Leader

Section 4 Be Tough

Chapter 38 Mt. Everest Facing the Challenge

Chapter 39 First, The Case for Physical Fitness

Chapter 40 Being Tough When It’s Not 70 Degrees and Sunny

Chapter 41 A Light Switch not a Dial

Chapter 42 Toughness a Learned Trait

Chapter 43 Developing Physical Toughness

Chapter 44 What is Mental Toughness (and When Do We Need It)?

Chapter 45 Don’t Rise to the Occasion

Chapter 46 Be Passionate. Not Emotional:

Chapter 47 Choose a Positive Attitude

Chapter 48 Inoculate Against Stress:

Chapter 49 Go or No GO?

Chapter 50 GO!

Chapter 51 The Death Zone

Chapter 52 The Summit, but Not Mission Accomplishment

Chapter 53 Mission Accomplished

Section 5 No Excuses

Chapter 54 No Excuses

Chapter 55 A Life Changing Explosion

Chapter 56 I Don’t Have Enough Time

Chapter 57 Make Preparations, Not Excuses

Chapter 58 Being Motivated Is Not Enough

Chapter 59 We rarely get what we deserve. We Must Earn It!

Chapter 60 Don’t Let Anyone Make Excuses For You

Section 6 Hard Work is One More™

Chapter 61 A Female Marine in Helmund Province Afghanistan

Chapter 62 We Work Hard

Chapter 63 One More™ in a Combat Environment

Chapter 64 Long Term Greedy

Chapter 65 Focus on Strengths. Address Weaknesses

Chapter 66 Determining Our “Why?”

Chapter 67 The FET is a Target

Section 7 – Effective Communication

Chapter 68 – Alone on the Beach

Chapter 69 Using CLAPP to Communicate Effectively

Chapter 70 Listening to Understand

Chapter 71 “Ready! Focus!”

Chapter 72 Battlefield Communication

Chapter 73 Three Questions. What do I know? Who else need to Know? Have I told them?

Chapter 74 Tell your teammates what you want them to do!

Chapter 75 Using a Back Brief

Chapter 76 Closed Loop Communication

Chapter 77 Ignoring the Noise

Chapter 78 Putting the Communication Techniques Together