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Why Killer Products Don't Sell: How to Run Your Company to a New Set of Rules




Why Killer Products Don't Sell: How to Run Your Company to a New Set of Rules

Ian Gotts, Dominic Rowsell

ISBN: 978-1-907-29347-4 October 2009 Capstone 194 Pages



Coming from conversations with executive teams of technology companies, venture capitalists, and M&A advisers, the insights contained in Why Killer Products Don't Sell are gold dust. First the book lays bare the claim that sales is sales is sales. It exposes the 4 very different 'Buying Cultures' and how they should be approached: Value Offered, Value Added, Value Created, and Value Captured. But it also gives a proven methodology for assessing a company's product mix ('offering' vs 'buying culture'), and a transformation approach to optimize sales and improve competitiveness.

Acknowledgments xi

Foreword xiii

Introduction xv

What this book is about xv

Why we wrote this book xvi

A bar in Rotterdam xvii

Who should read this book xix

How to use this book xxiii

1: Some killer products really don’t sell 1

So many products, so few sales 1

Heroic failures 4

So firstly, what is a failure? 8

2: It’s not how you sell, but how customers buy 11

Sales is sales is sales – right? 11

Four buying cultures 14

How does all this relate to Geoffrey Moore’s Chasm? 17

WIIFM – so what exactly does all this mean to me? 19

How do people buy? 22

Momentum = getting the right people on board 26

Managing risk 27

3: If they are buying – are you selling? 29

Choosing the correct buying culture 29

Exploring the buying cultures 31

Different buying cultures, different operational cultures 37

What does a Value Captured company feel like? 40

What does a Value Created company feel like? 43

What does a Value Added company look like? 47

What does a Value Offered company look like? 50

4: The best kept secret – Value Created sales 53

Why Value Created 53

Why do so many companies get it wrong? 55

Vital signs 56

Why is Value Created difficult? 62

A Value Created salesman working in a Value Added company 63

And now some good news 66

5: The magic of a Value Created company 71

The perfect storm 71

The case for change 73

Management 74

R&D 79

Marketing 80

Sales 82

Delivery 94

Support 95

Safety notes 99

6: So what can I do about it? 109

CEO 109

CEO of a start-up 110

Chief Operations Officer 111

Sales Director 112

Head of M&A 113

Head of Marketing 114

Investors or VCs 114

Head of Innovation 116

7: Always change a winning team 119

Can you have too much success? 119

So, are you performing? 120

Transformation – the OCA methodology 123

Using the OCA methodology 133

The Final Word: A summary 137

Appendix 139

Index 167