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Solar Wind Sources of Magnetospheric Ultra-Low-Frequency Waves

Solar Wind Sources of Magnetospheric Ultra-Low-Frequency Waves

M. J. Engebretson (Editor), Kazue Takahashi (Editor), M. Scholer (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-118-66394-3 April 2013 American Geophysical Union 424 Pages



Published by the American Geophysical Union as part of the Geophysical Monograph Series, Volume 81.

This volume provides a comprehensive overview of externally generated ULF waves and transients in the Earth's space environment, including practically all the latest advances as of the date of writing. Tutorials are included to give a complete introduction to time?]dependent phenomena in the magnetosphere in the ULF frequency range. The material may therefore be used by the interested reader as a starting point for getting involved in this research field, as an overview of the research in progress, and/or as a convenient reference for advanced background knowledge.

M. J. Engebretson, K. Takahashi, M. Scholer xi

Magnetospheric ULF Waves: A Tutorial With a Historical Perspective
W. J. Hughes 1

Stimulation of Exogenic, Daytime Geomagnetic Pulsations:-A Global Perspective
E. W. Greenstadt and C. T. Russell 13

An Overview of Spacecraft Observations of 10 s to 600 s Period Magnetic Pulsations in the Earth's
B. J. Anderson 25

History of the Study of Upstream Sources of ULF Waves
Discoveries of Sources of PC 2-4 Waves-A Review of Research in the Former USSR
V. A. Troitskaya 45

Upstream Waves and Field Line Resonances-Pulsation Research at the Nagycenk Observatory
During Three Solar Cycles
J. Vero and B. Zieger 55

Solar Wind and Bow Shock Processes Relevant to ULF Waves
Long Term Variations in the Solar Wind of Importance to ULF Phenomena
J. G. Luhmann, S. M. Petrinec, and C. T. Russell 67

Planetary Upstream Waves
C. T. Russell 75

The Morphology of ULF Waves in the Earth's Foreshock
G. Le and C. T. Russell 87

Wave Activity Associated With the Low Beta Collisionless Shock
M. H. Farris, C. T. Russell, and M. F. Thomsen 99

Suprathermal Ions Upstream and Downstream From the Earth's Bow Shock
S. A. Fuselier 107

Bow Shock and Magnetosheath Simulations: Wave Transport and Kinetic Properties
D. Krauss-Varban 121

Pc3 Pulsations: From the Source in the Upstream Region to Alfven Resonances in the
Magnetosphere. Theory and Observations
A. S. Potapov and V. A. Mazur 135

Magnetosheath and Magnetopause Processes Relevant to ULF Waves
Theory and Observation of Magnetosheath Waves
A. N. Fazakerley and D. J. Southwood 147

Observations of Waves at the Dayside Magnetopause
P. Song 159

Transient and Quasi-Periodic (5-15 Min) Events in the Outer Magnetosphere
D. G. Sibeck 173

A Physical Model of the Geomagnetic Sudden Commencement
T. Araki 183

Multiple Brightenings of Poleward-Moving Dayside Auroral Forms
G. J. Fasel, J. I. Minow, R. W. Smith, C. S. Deehr, and L. C. Lee 201

Generation of Region 1 and Mantle Field-Aligned Currents by the Secondary Rotational Discontinuity
Y. Lin and L. C. Lee 213

Control of the Generation of Field-Aligned Currents and Transverse ULF Waves by the
Magnetic Helicity Input
Y. Song, R. L. Lysak, and N. Lin 223

Studies of Long-Period (Pc5) and Impulsive ULF Variations
Ground Signatures of Travelling Convection Vortices
H. Liihr and W. Blawert 231

The Coupling of Solar Wind Energy to MHD Cavity Modes, Waveguide Modes, and Field Line
Resonances in the Earth's Magnetosphere
J. C. Samson and R. Rankin 253

Generation of ULF Magnetic Pulsations in Response to Sudden Variations in Solar Wind
Dynamic Pressure
G. I. Korotova and D. G. Sibeck 265

Generation of ULF Waves by Fluctuations in the Magnetopause Position
R. L. Lysak, Y. Song, and D-H. Lee 273

Magnetotelluric Sounding of the Crust and Hydrodynamic Monitoring of the Magnetosphere With
the Use of ULF Waves
V. A. Pilipenko and E. N. Fedorov 283

Studies of Mid-Period (Pc3-4) ULF Waves
Numerical Studies on ULF Wave Structures in the Dipole Model
D-H. Lee and R. L. Lysak 293

Ground Measurements of Low Latitude Magnetospheric Field Line Resonances
F. W. Menk, B. J. Fraser, C. L. Waters, C. W. S. Ziesolleck, Q. Feng, S. H. Lee, and P. W. McNabb 299

Simultaneous Observation of PC 3,4 Pulsations in the Magnetosphere and at Multiple Ground Stations
T. J. Odera, D. Van Swol, and C. T. Russell 311

Pc3 Pulsations in the Cusp
J. V. Olson and B. J. Fraser 325

Global Cavity Mode-Like and Localized Field-Line PC 3-4 Oscillations Stimulated by Interplanetary
Impulses (SiISc): Initial Results From the 210' MM Magnetic Observations
K. Yumoto, A. Zsono, K. Shiokawa, H. Matsuoka, Y. Tanaka, F. W. Menk, and B. J. Fraser 335

Studies of the Occurrence and Properties of PC 3-4 Magnetic and Auroral Pulsations at South Pole,
M. J. Engebretson, J. R. Beck, R. L. Rairden, S. B. Mende, R. L. Arnoldy, L. J. Cahill, Jr., and T. J. Rosenberg 345

Propagation of Compressional PC 3 Pulsations From Space to the Ground: A Case Study Using
Multipoint Measurements
K. Takahashi, B. J. Anderson, P. T. Newell, T. Yamamoto, and N. Sato 355

Upstream Waves and Surface Geomagnetic Pulsations
J. Verii, B. Zieger, and H. Luhr 365

Hydromagnetic Frequency Spectra in the High Latitude Quiet Magnetosphere
A. Wolfe, R. D. Kelman, S. E. Warren, C. G. Maclennan, and L. J. Lanzerotti 375

Studies of Short-Period (Pcl-2) ULF Waves
Electric and Magnetic Field Fluctuations at High Latitudes in the Dayside Ionosphere
During Southward IMF
E. M. Basinska, W. J. Burke, N. C. Maynard, W. J. Hughes, D. J. Knudsen, and J. A. Slavin 387

PC 1 Waves Generated by a Magnetospheric Compression During the Recovery Phase of a
Geomagnetic Storm
R. E. Erlandson, L. J. Zanetti, M. J. Engebretson, R. Arnoldy, T. Bosinger, and K. Mursula 399

Properties of Structured and Unstructured Pcl Pulsations at High Latitudes: Variation Over the
21st Solar Cycle
K. Mursula, J. Kangas, and T. Pikkarainen 409

Simultaneous Occurrence of PC 5 and PC 1 Pulsations in the Dawnside Magnetosphere:
CRRES Observations
R. Rasinkangas, K. Mursula, G. Kremser, H. J. Singer, B. J. Fraser, A. Korth, and W. J. Hughes 417