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Nursing Older People at a Glance

Josephine Tetley, Nigel Cox, Kirsten Jack, Gary Witham

Diabetes in Old Age, 4th Edition

Alan J. Sinclair, Trisha Dunning, Leocadio Rodríguez Mañas, Medha Munshi

Geriatric Emergencies: A Discussion-based Review

Amal Mattu, Shamai Grossman, Peter Rosen, Robert Anderson, Christopher R. Carpenter, Andrew Chang, Jon Mark Hirshon, Ula Hwang, Maura Kennedy, Don Melady, Vaishal Tolia, Scott Wilbur

Non-Alzheimer's and Atypical Dementia

Michael D. Geschwind, Caroline Racine Belkoura

Clinical Trials in Older Adults

Antonio Cherubini, Roberto Bernabei, Luigi Ferrucci, Niccolò Marchionni, Stephanie Studenski, Bruno Vellas

Dementia Care at a Glance

Catharine Jenkins, Laura Ginesi, Bernie Keenan

Geriatric Medicine at a Glance

Adrian Blundell, Adam Gordon

Geriatric Emergencies

Iona Murdoch, Sarah Turpin, Bree Johnston, Alasdair MacLullich, Eve Losman

Substance Use and Older People

Ilana Crome, Li-Tzy Wu, Rahul (Tony) Rao, Peter Crome
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  • of 2 Pages
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