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Nanoscale Ferroelectrics and Multiferroics: Key Processing and Characterization Issues, and Nanoscale Effects, 2 Volumes




Nanoscale Ferroelectrics and Multiferroics: Key Processing and Characterization Issues, and Nanoscale Effects, 2 Volumes



This two volume set reviews the key issues in processing and characterization of nanoscale ferroelectrics and multiferroics, and provides a comprehensive description of their properties, with an emphasis in differentiating size effects of extrinsic ones like boundary or interface effects. Recently described nanoscale novel phenomena are also addressed. Organized into three parts it addresses key issues in processing (nanostructuring), characterization (of the nanostructured materials) and nanoscale effects.

Taking full advantage of the synergies between nanoscale ferroelectrics and multiferroics, the text covers materials nanostructured at all levels, from ceramic technologies like ferroelectric nanopowders, bulk nanostructured ceramics and thick films, and magnetoelectric nanocomposites, to thin films, either polycrystalline layer heterostructures or epitaxial  systems, and to nanoscale free standing objects with specific geometries, such as nanowires and tubes at different levels of development.

This set is developed from the high level European scientific knowledge platform built within the COST (European Cooperation in Science and Technology) Action on Single and multiphase ferroics and multiferroics with restricted geometries (SIMUFER, ref. MP0904). Chapter contributors have been carefully selected, and have all made major contributions to knowledge of the respective topics, and overall, they are among most respected scientists in the field.


List of Contributors

Why nanoscale ferroelectrics and multiferroics?
Miguel Algueró, J. Marty Gregg and Liliana Mitoseriu

Part A Nanostructuring: bulk

1 Incorporation mechanism and functional properties of Ce-doped BaTiO3 ceramics derived from nanopowders prepared by the modified-Pechini method
Adelina-Carmen Ianculescu, Daniela C. Berger, Catalina A. Vasilescu, Marius Olariu, Bogdan S. Vasile, Lavinia P. Curecheriu, Andreja Gajović and Roxana Truşcă

2 Synthesis and ceramic nanostructuring of ferroic and multiferroic low tolerance factor perovskite oxides
Teresa Hungria, Covadonga Correas and Alicia Castro

3 Core-shell heterostructures: from particle synthesis to bulk dielectric, ferroelectric and multiferroic composite materials
Vincenzo Buscaglia and Maria Teresa Buscaglia

4 Modeling of colloidal suspensions for the synthesis of the ferroelectric oxides with complex chemical composition
Gregor Trefalt, Bosiljka Tadić and Barbara Malič

Nanostructuring: thin films

5 Self-assemblage and patterning of thin film ferroic nanostructures
Theodor Schneller

6 Thin film porous ferroic nanostructures: Strategies and characterization
Alichandra Castro, Paula Ferreira, Stella Skiadopoulou, Paula M. Vilarinho, Liliana P. Ferreira, Margarida Godinho and Brian J. Rodriguez

7 Low-temperature photo-chemical solution deposition of ferroelectric and multiferroic thin films
Christopher De Dobbelaere, An Hardy, Marlies K. Van Bael, Iñigo Bretos, Ricardo Jiménez and M. Lourdes Calzada

Nanostructuring: fibers and wires

8 Synthesis and properties of ferroelectric nanotubes and nanowires. A review
Vincenzo Buscaglia and Maria Teresa Buscaglia

9 Fabrication of one dimensional ferroelectric nano and micro structures by different spinning techniques and their characterization
Tony Lusiola and Frank Clemens

PART B Characterization (of the nanostructured materials): crystal structure

10 Structural characterization of ferroelectric and multiferroic nanostructures by advanced TEM techniques
Etienne Snoeck, Axel Lubk and César Magén

11 Raman spectroscopy of nanostructured ferroelectric materials
Marco Deluca and Andreja Gajovic

12 Neutron and synchrotron X-ray scattering studies of bulk and nanostructured multiferroic and ferroelectric materials
Evagelia G. Moshopoulou, Pascale Foury-Leylekian, Katharine Page, C. Doubrovsky, Martha Greenblatt and Alan J. Hurd

Characterization (of the nanostructured materials): domains

13 Advanced characterization of multiferroic materials by scanning probe methods and scanning electron microscopy
Michael R. Koblischka and Anjela Koblischka-Veneva

14 Electrostatic and Kelvin probe force microscopy for domain imaging of ferroic systems
Brian J. Rodriguez

PART C Nanoscale effects: bulk properties

15 Nanostructured barium titanate ceramics. Intrinsic vs. extrinsic size effects
Liliana Mitoseriu and Lavinia P. Curecheriu

16 The effects of ceramic nanostructuring in high sensitivity piezoelectrics
Harvey Amorín, Ricardo Jiménez, Jesús Ricote, Alicia Castro and Miguel Algueró

17 Correlation between microstructure and electrical properties of ferroelectric relaxors
J.D. Bobic, J. Macutkevic, R. Grigalaitis, Maksim Ivanov, M.M. Vijatovic Petrovic, Juras Banys and Biljana D. Stojanovic

18 Local field engineering approach for tuning dielectric and ferroelectric properties in nanostructured ferroelectrics and composites
Leontin Padurariu and Liliana Mitoseriu

Nanoscale effects: thin film properties

19 Ferroelectric phase transitions in epitaxial perovskite films
Marina Tyunina

20 Interfaces in epitaxial ferroelectric layers/multilayers and their effect on the macroscopic electrical properties
Lucian Pintilie, Andra G. Boni, Cristina Chirila, Luminita M. Hrib, Alin Iuga, Lucian Trupina, Ioana Pintilie, Iuliana Pasuk, Raluca Negrea, Corneliu Ghica, Mihaela Botea, Nicoleta Apostol and Cristian M. Teodorescu

21 Electric-field control of magnetism based on elastically coupled ferromagnetic and ferroelectric domains
Kévin J. A. Franke, Tuomas H. E. Lahtinen, Arianna Casiraghi, Diego López González, Sampo J. Hämäläinen and Sebastiaan van Dijken

Nanoscale effects: novel phenomena and applications

22 Ferroelectric vortices and related configurations
Sergei Prosandeev, Ivan I. Naumov, Huaxiang Fu, Laurent Bellaiche, Michael P. D. Campbell,

Raymond G. P. McQuaid, Li-Wu Chang, Alina Schilling, Leo. J. McGilly, Amit Kumar and J. Marty Gregg

23 Reentrant phenomena in relaxors
Alexei A. Bokov and Zuo-Guang Ye

24 Functional twin boundaries: Multiferroicity in confined spaces
Ekhard. K. H. Salje and Xiangdong Ding

25 Novel approaches for genuine single phase room temperature magnetoelectric multiferroics
Lynette Keeney, Michael Schmidt, Andreas Amann, Tuhin Maity, Nitin Deepak, Ahmad Faraz, Nikolay Petkov, Saibal Roy, Martyn E. Pemble and Roger W. Whatmore

26 Semiconducting and photovoltaic ferroelectrics and multiferroics
Andrew R. Akbashev and Jonathan E Spanier