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Horticultural Reviews, Volume 47




Horticultural Reviews, Volume 47

Ian Warrington

ISBN: 978-1-119-62533-9 December 2019 300 Pages



Dedication: Theodore (Ted) DeJong
Ian J. Warrington

1 Molecular Physiology of Fruit Growth in Apple
Anish Malladi

I. Introduction

II. Morphology and Anatomy of the Apple Fruit

III. Flower Growth Before Bloom

IV. Fruit Set

V. Fruit Growth

VI. Conclusions

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2. Mechanosensing of Plants
Marc-André Sparke and Jens-Norbert Wünsche

I. Introduction

II. Thigmomorphogenesis

III. Natural and Artificial Induction of Thigmo Responses

IV. Morphological Plant Responses

V. Physiological Plant Responses – Cellular Signalling

VI. Molecular Aspects

VII. Application Strategies in Horticulture


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3. Microgreens: Definitions, Product Types and Production Practices
Sven Verlinden

I. Introduction

II. History of Immature Leafy Vegetables

III. Seedling Development in Other Crops – Growth and Development of Seedlings

IV. Production Strategies

V. Nutritional Value

VI. Microbiological Safety and Postharvest Biology and Technology

VII. Sensory Attributes and Qualities

VIII. Health Effects

IX. Future of Microgreens

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4. The Durian: Botany, Horticulture and Utilization
Saichol Ketsa, Apinya Wisutiamonkul, Yossapol Palapol and Robert E. Paull

I. Introduction

II. Botany

III. Cultural Practices

IV. Chemical Composition and Nutritional Value

V. Postharvest Physiology

VI. Harvesting and Postharvest Handling

VII. Utilization

VIII. Conclusions

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5. The genus Cupressus L.: Mythology to Biotechnology with Emphasis on Mediterranean Cypress (Cupressus sempervirens L.)
Homayoun Farahmand

I. Introduction

II. Cupressaceae (Geographical Distribution and Horticultural Importance)

III. The Genus Cupressus

IV. The Role of Mediterranean Cypress in Persian Gardens

V. Medicinal Values

VI. Breeding and Genetic Improvement

VII. Abiotic and Biotic Challenges

VIII. Conservation of Genetic Resources

IX. Conventional Propagation and Micropropagation

X. Biotechnology

XI. Conclusions

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6. Taxonomy and Botany of the Caricaceae
V.M. Badillo and Freddy Leal

 I. Introduction

II. History of the Papaya and Other Caricaceae

IIITaxonomic History

IV. New Proposals for the Taxonomy of Caricaceae

V. Botany of the Family and the Genera

Concluding Comments

7. Entomopathogens: Potential to Control Thrips in Avocado, with Special Reference to Beauveria bassiana
Gracian T. Bara and Mark D. Laing

I. Introduction

II. Commercial Production in South Africa

III. Requirements for Export and Local Quality

IV. Economics of Avocado Production

V. Pests and Diseases of Avocado

VI. Thrips of Avocado

VII. Management of Thrips

VIII. Entomopathogens

IX. Conclusions

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